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Get To Know Buckcherry with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on September 10, 2013 at 1:30 PM

Buckcherry formed in 1995, and have since made their mark in the music industry. Best known for songs like "Lit Up", "Sorry" and "All Night Long", the band brings an undeniable intensity, strong song writing and insane levels of talent to every song. Buckcherry are rock and roll legends, and probably one of the most honest and dedicated bands in music today. We got the chance to talk to vocalist Josh Todd about Confessions, studio memories and the importance of live shows in the industry today. Check out the conversation below! And make sure you catch the band next time they roll into your town for a real rock show.

How's the tour been?

Great. Long.

It's almost over, isn't it?

No. We've been on the road since April of last year. It's almost over in the United States but then we go international. South America, Europe, Austrailia.


Do you have any favorite memories from this year of touring?

I have lots and lots of memories. A lot of great shows. Probably the most vivid memory is going to Australia, we haven't been in a long time. So we went there last year, which is cool. Now we're going back.



What was your reaction when you saw the finished version of the “Nothing But Tears” video?

It really has a cinematic quality to it which I really like, and it's really off the beaten path for us. Which was cool for us to do because we've done so many performance videos, so it was nice to try something really creative and new. I think they did a really great job.


What's your best studio memory of all time?

Probably on the first record. It was co-produced by Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols. So one of my coolest memories was when I was cutting vocals for that record, Steve Jones is just sitting on the couch behind me, and I was in the control room and I was just singing into a mic right there with Terry Date, our producer on the console. Standing right next to him and Steve Jones behind me, so that was pretty cool. Pretty intimidating, but awesome.


Buckcherry started almost two decades ago. You've been through a lot of the big music changes. Whats your favorite and least favorite change in the music industry since '95?

The thing that I do like about what's going on with music now, there are a lot of crappy things that are going on, but as far as the good thing is I think you have to be great live again because there's not a lot of money in the business anymore. You can't just sit home and collect a big check from record sales. It's nonexistent. So you have to really be out on stage, out entertaining people and you have to be good at it or you don't have an audience, so I like that part of it. The part about the record sales is.. It's pretty aggravating. It's really hard to make a record, it's really hard to write songs, it's really hard to stay in a band for years and years and years. All that's really challenging, when you go in to make a record you want to be rewarded for that, you know, as long as it's a good product, but it's like when you put your product out there and there's not even a lot of places to get a physical record anymore, you know that part of it is kind of a drag. Plus I'll tell you what's going on with live music, too. So many bands, a lot of rock bands, are running prerecorded tracks. People are going to the rock show and they're basically listening to their favorite bands' CD through the PA.


Yeah, that really sucks.

It sucks, but then so many people don't even know what's going on. It happens a lot in pop music, but now it's just happening across the board. Shows aren't really live anymore, you know. We try to align ourselves with bands that are really playing live.

Do you remember your first show as Buckcherry?

Oh yeah, I remember all of it. It was a place called Al's bar in downtown Los Angeles. Got up there and I was very flamboyant back then. I had like a cowboy hat and a big boa on and we were playing rock music, and it was around the time when there were a lot of these weird type bands out. “Shoegazers” is what we like to call them, with the Buddy Holly glasses and, you know, nerd rock. We were up there shakin' our ass and just being crazy. They were looking at us laughing. Everybody was laughing because we were playing rock music when it wasn't the mainstream, and we've been doing that for well over a decade now. I just think if you stick to what you believe in and you do it well, I mean that's the part. You've gotta do it, you've got to write good songs and you'll find an audience.



When you first started creating Confessions, what was your goal with the album?

My goal was to really represent the sins well. I write all the lyrics for the band, so it was a real challenge to kind of capture each sin and make it a great Buckcherry song. Keith and I had drawn around the idea of doing a record around the seven sins for a long time and this is just the time to do it, you know. I think the sins are timeless, I think everybody can relate to them. That's why there's been movies and books and (why) other bands have tackled the sins. We wanted to really represent them well so that we'd have this piece of art to look back on and really be proud.


What song from the album do you think translates best live?

I really like “Greed” live because I feel like it really has an impact and really makes people think. I just think that there's so many things in the world that are coming to a head, that that song is really strong right now. I mean, it's the first time in our history where our food supply and the world population is coming to a head. The energy and the world population is coming to a head, and the environmental issues and the world population is coming to a head. So I think we're in a real tough spot here in the next one hundred years. I think it's going to be... I don't know, I'm worried. I worry because I have children and I just worry what's it going to be like because with all the technology, with smartphones and everything, people are physically doing less. It's weird. You have all these people that are very expressive on the internet. They really know how to talk and chat and text and update their profiles and everything, and by the time you finally meet them in person, they have nothing to say. They've got no personality. They're so antisocial, and it's happening with lots of people. I think people hide behind this fantasy of who they want to be on the internet, but you're not really courageous enough to be that person in real life.



What's your writing process like?

It's the same as it's always been. I like to just get by myself and write. I like to go to the rehearsal room with my digital recorder and have the guys play me new material and record it. Maybe skat some melodies over the microphone. If I hit on something that's really good I'll record it. I like to go back to my home, sit by myself and really work through melodies and words and work it all out, so by the time I get to rehearsals the next day I have kind of a map of how I want to start.



What's next for Buckcherry?

So many things. We're always touring, but right now we're throwing around the idea of possibly making an EP, which is going to be fun, so we might do that when we have a little bit of time in between being on the road. We're still promoting Confessions, and we're going to be coming up on our third single pretty soon. We got the Best of Buckcherry, a CD coming out before the holidays which is gonna be cool. Then probably take a little time off for the holidays, and then I think we're starting up the new year in Canada at the end of January.



Right back at it.

Right back at it, right in the cold.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?



Just encourage people to come out and see the Buckcherry show and get our new record Confessions. Check us out online, see where we're at and come to the rock show. Have some fun.

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