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Catching Up with The Maine with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on November 7, 2013 at 1:00 PM

When The Maine released their last full length, Forever Halloween, Punk Nation interviewed Pat Kirch about the album, tour and their writing process. We're excited to announce the band are back again to catch us up on what they've been doing the past few months. On top of a Fall US tour with Anberlin, Lydia and From Indian Lakes and a handful of overseas dates this month, the band will be releasing a new EP titled "Imaginary Numbers" December 10th, 2013, so mark your calendars. When we caught up with Pat Kirch and Kennedy Brock at a stop on their Fall tour, we talked everything from analog to wigs to whether or not Kennedy was at the first The Maine show. Check it out below, then pick up a copy of Forever Halloween - You won't regret it.

How's tour been going?

Pat Kirch: It's been good. We're like, what, three weeks in or something.

Kennedy Brock: Yeah, the tour's been great. Getting along with all the bands.

Any really good memories from this tour?

Brock: It's been awesome.

Kirch: I guess just playing again, you know? Just being out is cool.

Brock: We've had some really good shows. The other night in Chicago was really, really awesome for me. I had some family out which was really fun and it was a great show.

Kirch: It's just good to be out with really good bands, bands that we enjoy what they do.

So you can have a good time at the concerts too.

Kirch: Yeah, exactly!

You've changed a lot as a band all together which is really rare, usually bands go their seperate ways. Is there any special secret you have for staying together?

Kirch: Just keep things pretty relaxed. We take it serious as far as we work hard and work hard on the songs and the shows. Everything we do we try to put a lot of effort into. We just don't let small things become big things, I guess. You know, we just go with the flow and understand that you're just going to have to adapt to how different people act. We have eleven people on the bus, you just kind of.. You have to get along.

Brock: You have to mesh.

Kirch: You have to be kind of easy going.

Choose how to react?

Kirch: Yeah, yeah. And there are things that need to be dealt with or whatever but then you just deal with those things.

Brock: Musically I think we have very similar opinions when we're working. There's a whole lot of just going with an idea we all are on board. There's not a whole lot of bickering or anything in that instance either.

Do you remember your first tour as The Maine?

Kirch: Yeah, absolutely. It was in Garrett's moms' Suburban. We drove the Suburban into the ground. I mean, we were just so excited about it. We left like a day early, or like a couple days early. We couldn't afford to get hotels or anything so we would just sleep in the Suburban in like a Walmart parking lot. So we left early just to go sleep in a parking lot early.

What about your first show as The Maine?

Kirch: Well he (Kennedy) wasn't in the band yet, but he was playing in a different band and he was at the show. (To Kennedy) You were at the first show, right?

Brock: Yeah. Well the first show was the Lydia show.

Kirch: You didn't play.

Brock: I didn't play at the first one.

Kirch: Lydia? No.

Brock: The very first show wasn't the..

Kirch: No, no, I was talking about-

Brock: Oh, oh, I was at the bands' first gig. I was thinking..

Kirch: With you, yeah yeah.

Brock: That one was at Real Bar, right?

Kirch: Yeah. Our first show as a band was kind of weird. John, it was the first time he'd ever played on stage before, this is his first band. So he just faced me the entire show, he didn't like face the crowd. But it was fun.

You've come a long way since then.

Brock: I was standing in the crowd.

Kirch: I guess, like it was bad.. I guess not bad enough to make us quit then.

Tonight when we're watching you guys we'll be like “He's not facing him anymore. Progress."

Kirch: He still likes to do it.

We'll know the secret now.

Kirch: (Laughs) He's afraid.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned in your time in the music industry?

Brock: I think to work for yourself when you want something.

Kirch: I think to put in the work and to do what you believe in, and not do what you think is going to bring you success or things like that, because generally you know that doesn't work and you're not going to be happy. The thing is regardless if you fail or succeed, if you're doing what you love to do then it's going to be alright. But if you do something just to have success and then you don't have success, then you just have nothing and then you're done, you know. We've just seen that happen so many times to our friends and old friends and bands we've gone on the road with, things like that. So we just kind of go with what we want to do, and then hopefully people enjoy it.

Which is super bad ass, because so many people are followers. It's hard to stay authentic, especially in what you're doing.

Kirch: It seems like so many bands we've seen just do the same thing over and over and over.

Brock: Or just have the same mindset even.

Kirch: Yeah. And it's like when you're fifteen years old to when you're twenty three years old or whatever, so much changes. If you think about being a sophomore in high school, and then to a sophomore in college, people - just in life in general, even that have nothing to do with music – just change so dramatically. You experience things. So for people that are older trying to reach back and do something they think people are going to like because it sounds like they did when they were fifteen years old, that's just so transparent. You can tell exactly what the intentions of that are.

That's what's really cool about your CDs. They're really honest and you can hear a lot of growth. Didn't you record the last one to analog?

Kirch, Brock: Yeah.

Is that something you'd do again?

Brock: Oh, yeah.

Kirch: I think so, yeah. We kind of got... I mean, it was something that we wanted to do but we kind of got like..

Brock: Like forced into it a little bit.

Kirch: Yeah, yeah, because the guy that we wanted to do the record, that's the only thing he did.

Brock: It was on our radar, and we were like, “Oh we'd like to do this”, then it was kind of like “Well, we are doing this”. (Laughs) But yeah, it was a great experience. Just really cool. It was a totally different environment the whole time, just because we're all in the room at the same time. We're kind of watching each other as we're playing and the vibe was just a total.. a really cool, really cool thing. I think Brendan (Benson, producer) was really interested in there being a good vibe in the studio, too. And that was a lot to it, you know.

It adds a lot to the music.

Brock: It has to.

Kirch: Yeah, it gives it a pulse. I guess the thing is, I feel like.. me for example, on other albums or whatever... Everybody now fixes everything on a computer so it wouldn't make a difference if Kenny tried to play the drum part or me, because they're just going to take the sound of the drum and then fix it so it doesn't matter who played it. On this album you can really hear each person as opposed to the perfect version of that person.

Since the album is called Forever Halloween, we have to ask you kind of a nerdy question: What's your favorite Halloween costume you've ever dressed up as?

Kirch: I'm gonna go with Snow White. That was like two years ago.

Brock: I annoyed everyone on the bus for a couple weeks. Collecting boxes; soda can boxes and like a basketball box and made a robot costume, and basically I was just storing these things everywhere.

Kirch: He spent a lot of time on it.

Brock: It turned out great.

Kirch: For like half a song it was great and then he was like “I can't play in this”.

We heard you guys had people lining up at 6:30 this morning. That's pretty cool, especially as cold as it is.

Brock: Braving the weather.

Kirch: It's too cold for that!

Yeah, you've got to show up like five minutes after doors and go right in!

Kirch: Yeah, I know.

Brock: I'd understand that.

Kirch: That's exactly what I'd do.

Brock: Show up twenty seconds before and then you're fine.

So is there anything you're working on now?

Kirch: Um, not as far as like a proper album, but we're always recording. We actually recorded some songs, that's not a record but something else that we'll be putting out... at some point. I know that's very, very vague. But we're always doing something.

Brock: Yeah, it's fun. We like recording at home and we're trying to get into being able to do more.

Kirch: Yeah, but not a proper album anytime soon just because it's (Forever Halloween) only been out for like four months. We're just going to be on the road for awhile.

Do you guys play your home town a lot?

Kirch: Not necessarily any more than anywhere else.

Brock: Generally just like once a tour.

Kirch: Yeah, but sometimes we'll do like a special thing just because it's so convenient. You know, we're home, well we can play a holiday show or we can do this.

And you know your family's all gonna show up, which is cool being away from them all the time.

Kirch: Yeah, I mean that's my least... Well... This is going to sound bad, but I enjoy like the hour and a half when we're on stage at home, but the rest of the day and night I hate.

Brock: Oh, yeah. It's chaos.

Kirch: It's having family and having everybody, it just gives me anxiety.

It must be cool coming back home with success, though.

Brock: Yeah, absolutely.

Kirch: It's cool to come back and (it) makes our parents proud to see us playing the venue that they drove us to and bought us tickets to for years.

Brock: Which is really great. But yeah, there's a lot of playing host.

Kirch: It just makes me feel crazy. It's like “Oh god, I just can't wait to go to bed and then wake up in California".

When you're on long tours, what do you do to keep sane?

Kirch: We just go insane and we just accept it.

Brock: We embrace it.

Kirch: I mean by this point in the tour he's (Kennedy) already wearing a wig. Like five times a week, has a new wig so...

Brock: We like wigs a lot.

Kirch: Especially him. He's the wig guy.

You've gotta stock up on November 1st from all the Halloween stores.

Brock: Yeah, right after is perfect. You can buy so many wigs.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Brock: I guess just thank you.

Kirch: Thank you for doing this, thanks for people who come support what we do. We enjoy it and we're glad that people enjoy what we're doing, and we're thankful.


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