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Get To Know Fairy Bones with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on January 7, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Fairy Bones are an up and coming band from Phoenix, AZ, and they're one you definitely don't want to miss out on. One of the more interesting bands we've come across since the website began, we think Fairy Bones are definitely on to something. In October, they released a killer self-titled EP, and we're so anxious for their upcoming full length we're having a hard time sleeping. Currently, you can find them rocking shows in their homestate, but they have plans to expand their tour map in the near future. We got the chance to talk with vocalist Chelsey Louise about the recording of the EP, working with Bob Hoag and much more. You can check it out below!

What's your best memory from the recording of The Fairy Bones EP?

Recording is incredibly exhilarating.. and tiring. It's a lot of waiting around, and Bob Hoag (who recorded and produced the album), likes the band to be there when he mixes - but not in the mixing room. I fell asleep on Bob's (probably vintage) couch, and was woken by up Robert (guitarist) saying Bob was ready for us to listen to "Filler, Baby." So I was drowsy as hell, and stumbled into the mixing room, and Bob blasted the track. I sat on an office rolling chair and got incredibly emotional. We had only been a band for about 5 months at that point, and I knew the four of us had something special together, but Bob made it magic.


What's the story behind your band name?

The Pixies was already taken.


Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Matt does drum-line warm ups and I do vocal warm ups in the car. I think these things are ingrained in us from high school, I did choir for four years and musical theatre for ten, so warming up is essential for me. When we get on stage, we do a group hug, Matt tries to tell us something inspirational, and we all groan at him.


What was working with Bob Hoag like?

Working with Bob sucks.


Just kidding. He's an amazing producer. I trust his opinion. I think he might be more of a perfectionist than I am, which makes me comfortable recording our music with him. If you like talking about TV shows, monster movies, and vintage clothes, you'll get along with Bob Hoag. He's very stylistic, and definitely a character. I like people with big personalities. We've become good friends since he recorded us (the bands he drums in play with us a lot) so I think our full length will be even better. He's recording and producing it next year.


What's the best memory you have from being in Fairy Bones so far?

Oh man. There are so many good memories. We just had our EP release show at The Rogue Bar (our favorite venue). Sidepony Music Festival 2013 was life changing, basically the entirety of the Phoenix music scene invaded the small town of Bisbee, Arizona and held a three day music festival, organized by a friend of mine, Anamieke Quinn of local band Treasurefruit. But my favorite memory is probably a house party we played in California in April. We we're really wobbly on stage, kind of unsure of ourselves, and we got invited to play by a friend of mine, Charlie Moon. Near the end of the set, I just let go, closed my eyes, and ran into the crowd. They ate it up, and the energy was intense and insane, we were all jumping and grabbing at each other. Charlie let us crash in her guest house, and we all slept on bean bag chairs. It was amazing. Live shows will always be my favorite memories, the connection with the crowd is the reason I play music.


What's your goal with your music career?

I just want to be the best I can possibly be. I think that's a big goal for all of us, we all like to practice and challenge ourselves. I guess that's our version of fun. I would love to travel the world with these boys, I'd love to open for some of our dream bands, like Queens of the Stone Age or Muse. But mostly, my goal is to be extremely proud of the music we make. Our music is emotional. I love when people say, "I lose myself in Fairy Bones." Because I do too. Music has helped me through tough times, and writing music has certainly pulled me out of dark places. So I hope that translates and the people listening can maybe find something to help them in our music.


Is there anything else you'd like to add?

We will hopefully be playing more out of state gigs this year, but if you're Arizona, come check us out! All of our gigs are posted at!


What's next for Fairy Bones?

We have a huge, interactive marketing campaign set for 2014 and the release of our first album, "DRAMABOT!" After that, we will be touring, touring, touring, so look for us in your town.


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