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Get To Know Neck Deep with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on August 27, 2013 at 10:40 AM

The name "Neck Deep" has become nearly inescapable. You've heard about them on your Tumblr dashboard, in your favorite music magazines and from any of your friends that have a good taste in music. Undoubtedly, the young band have just reached the starting line of what's to be a huge career. The first half of November Neck Deep will be busy playing shows with The Wonder Years and in the second half they'll head to Australia to spread their music even farther. Oh, and did we mention they just signed with Hopeless Records (All Time Low, Yellowcard, We Are The In Crowd)? You can check out the conversation we had with bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans below. We talk the upcoming tour dates, new album and more!

You have a lot of shows scheduled for this fall - how do you prepare for touring?



Our process is pretty standard we usually just get together for a week before tour and have a good solid set of practices to make sure we are nice and tight. Although for these tours we are putting in a lot more effort and have more special things being prepared.


What should fans expect from your upcoming album?


I think they should expect to be shocked! But in a positive way obviously. We are getting the final mixes back at the moment and it’s blowing us away with how it’s sounding, we are so happy. We feel we really have stepped up our game in every aspect. I think more than anything, they shouldn’t expect that the full length is going to be our two EP’s just rewritten and recycled, we have covered some really new grounds on this record and we are so proud of it.



What is your earliest memory involving music?


Oh man, I remember going to see Blink 182, when I was like 14, on their last tour before they split. It was my first ever concert and I was such a huge fan of them. I literally couldn’t fathom that it was actually them on a stage playing those songs I had listened to on repeat. I really think that show and that whole period of time was probably the reason I’m here today doing this.



What was your first show as Neck Deep like?


It was amazing, our first show was the first night of a tour we did with Me Vs Hero. We really weren’t sure what to expect but our first EP had been out for a while by the time we did our first show, so we ended up having a proper crowd sing along and people going wild. It was amazing, so much fun and such a great first show for us!


If your band had a catch-phrase, what would it be?

‘Fuck what's cool’.



Have you developed any pre-show rituals?


No, we don’t have any strange things we do, we all sorta just do our own thing and do stretches and warm ups and stuff and then we just sorta cruise on stage and play. I think if we start playing much bigger shows we will end up developing some sorta pre show ritual. I usually just drink a bunch of water and limber up a bit, and shout a bunch of weird noises but I do that all the time anyway really.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Sit tight for our full length because we can’t wait to share it with you and we promise it will be worth the wait!



What's next for Neck Deep?

To finish this full length and then tour like crazy. We have a UK tour in November with The Wonder Years, UK Warped Tour, then we fly to Australia to play our first tour down under which we can’t wait for! So we will see you out there people!


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