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Get To Know Messenger Down with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on September 8, 2013 at 6:50 PM

Out of North Carolina comes a band with a fresh sound, widely stepping out of the boundaries set by their Charolotte music scene. Messenger Down was originally the solo project of frontman Garrett Foster, but is now considered a full pop-rock band. Their debut EP, The Gentleman's Guide To Keeping Away From People Like You is nothing short of stunning, and certainly had a hand in Messenger's opportunity to play Vans Warped Tour this summer and appear in Alternative Press #303. We have a feeling this band will be at the top of everyone's "Band To Watch" list sometime soon, so we wanted to introduce them to you right away - You know, so you can shame your friends when they finally hear about them in a couple months. Check out the conversation we had with Garrett below!

You recently played a date of Warped Tour - What was that like?

It was amazing! It was kinda awesome getting to walk around before the place opened. We gave out CD's to guys in bands we enjoy and just kinda walked around looking at everything and figuring out what we were supposed to do. Then we went on the exact same time as The Story So Far and Hawthorne Heights so I wasn't expecting many people to come watch us, but then there were at least 40 or 50 people singing along and stuff and it was awesome! Definitely my favorite performance so far!


Who played the first concert you ever went to?

I actually think my first concert was Warped Tour '08. It was my first year so I had no idea what was going on or anything so the only band I really stopped and watched was Greeley Estates. Since then though I've started just kinda going by myself so I can watch as many bands as I can because looking back at the lineup that year bums me out since I hardly watched anyone haha.


What album has had the most influence on you?

It's kinda a close call between Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance or A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by Panic! at the Disco, but I think I've got to go with Panic! for sure. After writing music and being in a few bands I went back and listened to it one day a few years ago and it just kinda changed my whole idea on how writing songs should be. Every song on that record is individual and unique in it's own way and that's always something I've wanted to do with the music I write.


Do you remember the first show you played as Messenger Down?

Yeah, haha. The first 2 MD shows ever were actually just a week apart and were two completely different shows. The first of the two was an acoustic performance at a coffee shop down my my house. A lot of friends came and stuff, I had 2 hours to play and did a ton of covers, it was a lot of fun. The second show was the first full band performance, and it was at a local music festival called Jortsfest. The lineup we had then was almost completely different from the one we have now other than Connor and I, but we didn't play another show as a full band for like, 3 months after that haha. It was an awesome show though for sure!


What's your favorite memory from recording?

This is actually from a cover we're gonna release sometime over the next few months. I had written some really high vocal stuff into the end of the song (the highest being an F5 for those of you that know what that means) and after getting all warmed up and recording everything else in the song I was hitting it all no problem. My voice was spot on that day, haha.


If your band had a catchphrase, what would it be?

Ahhhh hahahaha I have no idea. It would probably be something like "so wait what's going on?" because we are really bad at making plans and having practices and there's always someone who has no idea what's going on.


What should fans expect from your upcoming music?

Uhmmm, it's a little early to say for sure really. I've kinda narrowed down a possible tracklist for our full length, but it's not like the songs are all moving in the same direction I guess, haha. There's gonna be signature MD songs like "North Star" or "A Toast to Someday" that aren't really out of the ordinary for us, but there's a few different and kinda weird ones on there too, haha. I'm trying a lot of new stuff in these songs, so I guess we'll just see what happens.


Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Make sure you check us out on Facebook and whatever other social media sites you're on, find us in the newest issue of Alternative Press, and keep an eye out for all the new stuff we're putting out over the next few months!


What's next for Messenger Down?

Lots and lots of recording, new music, hopefully getting on the road for a few tours or something, finally getting some shirts printed, and maybe a stop or two at Taco Bell.

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