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Hit: Morrissey

Miss: 65

To Sum It Up:

Punk rock.

If you've been looking for a good new punk record, look no further than A Criminal Risk's The Art Of Dropping Names. The band has done an exceptional job crafting music that leaves no doubt what genre it falls into. If I'm being honest, it's been done before - but that doesn't take away from it's quality. You can listen to the entire album without a single throwaway track, vocalist Tom Kunzman has a great Mark Hoppus-style quality to his voice that's especially prominent in tracks such as "Championship Vinyl". Chris Douglas has the guitar covered - one of the better guitarists I've heard yet this year. Drummer Tyler Moellman also showcases a lot of talent on this record. At the end of the day, although there may be a lot of bands doing this song not many can do it as well as A Criminal Risk.

The Art Of Dropping Names
A Criminal Risk

December 10, 2011


1. 65
2. Brooklyn
3. Heartless Romantic
4. The Art Of Dropping Names
5. Sarah Sanity
6. Stand Alone
7. Morrissey
8. Championship Vinyl

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