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"Remember When"

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The relief that washes over you when Remember When kicks in is something beyond description. Without even realizing it, you’ve been waiting for something, becoming more and more angst filled by the second. And now, here it is. From the very first seconds, you’re transported back into the beautiful world filled with fireflies and wonder that Allison Weiss creates every time she puts a pen to paper.

The title track, and first offering on the album, is the perfect song to reintroduce you to this world. While it shows off a fresh, more relaxed side, it’s an Allison Weiss song through and through, and would have felt right at home on her full length, Say What You Mean.

“Giving Up” is funkier, and has an old school rock vibe to write home about. The indie influence is strong, and with a distant sound filling the ending, the song can’t lose. Another attribute that must be mentioned are Weiss’ vocals on the track. Sure, her falsetto is great, but we already knew that. The rough quality to her voice displayed at certain moments of the song is what’s truly exciting. They’ll make you wonder exactly how much more the songstress can do.

The nostalgic “The Fall” has a cool beat and a weird edge, while Weiss’ cover of “Call Your Girlfriend” feels like being lost at sea. It’s fast paced vocal delivery and vulnerable feel amounts to it being an absolutely heart-wrenching song, and gives it the makings of the best breakup song you could ever ask for.

“Take You Back” brings you back to a happier vibe. The heavy, heavy folk influence makes it a song that could be just as loved in the early to mid 1900’s as it is now. At the same time, it sounds younger than the rest of the collection, and happier. You can almost hear Weiss smiling as she winds her way through the ins and outs of the song. Rarely does a song portray emotion as well as this one does. Towards the final seconds, Weiss’ indie heritage breaks back in musically, but vocally the track stays in the old-time territory showcased throughout the song.

The pure emotion poured into each song, the way she delivers every last lyric, and the wonder filled world created by the backing music all serve to prove that Allison Weiss may be one of the best songwriters of our generation. We’re eager to hear what she creates next.

Remember When
Allison Weiss


No Sleep Records
July 14th, 2014



Remember When

Giving Up

The Fall

Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn Cover)

Take You Back


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