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Hit: Say What You Mean


To Sum It Up:


Shoutout to Allison Weiss for making the best indie record of the decade - Say What You Mean couldn't be any better. I can't stop hitting replay. Weiss has perfected the love song and breakup song all the while keeping up the feeling that she's possibly the coolest chick in music today. Every song is it's own masterpiece, a rare quality in a world where most CD's sound like one long song from start to finish. Her voice proves it's strength while it sounds absolutely amazing on every note. Perfect guitar, great beats and an overall happy atmosphere (no matter how many break-up songs are included), Say What You Mean is the perfect soundtrack for starting over but could also apply to continuing on the path you're already on - and that's not to mention the perfectly crafted lyrics. No doubt it'll provide daily inspiration for Weiss' current fanbase as well as the new additions she's bound to gain after the release. I get the feeling ten years from now this album will be listed on a lot of new artists Most Influential lists.

Say What You Mean
Allison Weiss

No Sleep Records
April 16th, 2013


1. Making It Up
2. One Way Love
3. Nothing Left
4. I Was An Island
5. How To Be Alone
6. Wait For Me
7. Don't Go
8. Hole In Your Heart
9. Say What You Mean
10. I'll Be Okay

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