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Get To Know Nick Santino and The Northern Wind with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on November 14, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Formerly frontman of Massachusetts band A Rocket To The Moon, Nick Santino is now out on his own crafting one of a kind, authentic music under the moniker Nick Santino and The Northern Wind. While the songs might be different from what you'd expect on a ARRTM record, what's stayed the same is the amount of talent Santino's always displayed. With two EPs already released (Going Home and The Ones You Meet Along The Way: A Collection Of Stories from the Road) and an upcoming fall tour with This Century, this project is sure to open even more avenues for the singer to explore, and hopefully that means more great music for us to listen to. We got the opportunity to ask Nick a few questions about touring, The Ones You Meet Along The Way and his first band. You can check out what he had to say below!

What's your best memory from the recording of 'The Ones You Meet Along The Way'?

I recorded this record on my own. I wrote all 7 songs entirely by myself, played every instrument on them and recorded them all in my studio. Some of the songs are 3 years old. I'm very happy with them!


What was your goal with the album when you first started work on it?

Honesty. Just Honesty. I was tired of writing songs with no meaning. These songs are all so personal and have deep meaning to me. Feels good. Almost like an audio journal.


What's your writing process like?

Usually I sit around with an acoustic guitar and strum a few chords. I start humming random melodies that come to mind. I have a lot of lines I've written in my iPhone notes so sometimes I look in there for a start for lyrics. I pretty much just take it line by line working my way through the song starting with the first verse and going in a simple structure.


What was the first band you were ever in?

I was in a pop punk band in 7th grade called Waiting For Later. I lied my way into it. I told them I knew how to play guitar and I sing. Luckily I could sort of stay in pitch vocally and power chords are very easy to pick up so it was sure thing.


How do you prepare for tour?

I pack, then I over think my packing. Then I pack some more. I usually start packing a month before tour because I'm super OCD and don't want to forget everything. I try and pack as little as possible but I always end up bringing too many boots and jackets..


What are your top three must-haves on tour?

Music. Phone. Medication.


You've seen a lot of success in your career. What was the most surreal moment?

Having the opportunity to play all over the world. It is very surreal to go so far and have people know all of your songs.


How do you decide on your setlist?

I like to play a catchy upbeat song first and sometimes second. Then I move into more mellow and slower ones. Sometimes throw in a cover and then end it with a catchy one again.


Is there anything else you'd like to add?

My new EP just came out so if you have 6 dollars kicking around feel free to pick it up! I'm also heading out on the road next month with some of my good friends This Century and I can't wait to get out!


What's next for Nick Santino & The Northern Wind

The freedom of releasing music whenever I want is amazing. So expect more music and touring from yours truly!


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