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Get To Know Gob with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on September 18, 2014 at 9:40 PM

Canadian pop punks Gob are a band every pop punk band you can think of will name as an inspiration. Bouncing their way around the scene since 1993 with a total of seven albums, they’ve earned JUNO nominations, had huge hits with the likes of “I Hear You Calling” and “Give Up The Grudge,” and drawn a huge following by touring relentlessly worldwide. Their first full release since 2007, Apt 13 takes Gob’s trademark kickass punk rock to a whole new level of awesome upbeat anthems. What more could you want from a band? Check out our interview where we talked the new record, growing up on the Vancouver music scene, DIY spirit, and more!

Apt. 13 is your first full length release in seven years. What’s changed in the band since then? What new elements/ideas are being brought to the table?

Not much has changed in the band really, aside from a new bass player but he's been in the band for 5 years already. There are a lot of new elements brought to the songs on this record, its a pretty eclectic mix of songs. I just wrote whatever I felt and brought a bunch of songs to the band then we picked our favorites. i had been playing piano a lot so there wound up being piano on a bunch of songs, not like ballads, more like 70's punk, kinda like Bowie, Ziggy Stardust era.

What did you learn about yourself and/or the band while creating this album?

We made a semi-conscious decision to make this record less metal than our previous record- Muertos Vivos. We still love Muertos but we wanted to get back to the punk/rock sound of our older records.

If you were to guess which song from Apt. 13 will become the fan favorite, which would you think it’d be?

Hard to say which song would be the fan favorite, depends on your taste but I would put my money on Walking Alone- for hardcore punk fans, New York- for the pop punkers, Radio Hell- for rockers, Standing there for the indie fans.

Tell us about the music scene you grew up in.

We had a pretty tight knit scene in Vancouver when we started gob. The main players were us, dbs, Sparkmarker, BNU and an all girl band called Ten Days Late. We all played together a lot and put on our own all ages shows, the scene was awesome while it lasted and spawned a ton of other bands but eventually everyone scattered, all the other bands broke up and we wound up with BNU's drummer.

We survived because we toured like maniacs and built up an international following.

How has it changed in the twenty one years Gob has existed?

The music industry is completely different when we first started. We've done it all really, from releasing our own records to being on major labels. It doesn't really affect us though, we run our band how we want to.

What is the most important thing a band just entering the industry should know?

I think every band starting should embrace a DIY spirit. No one is going to give you anything, you have to go out and get it. Plus, the rewards are sweeter if you've worked hard for them.

Aside from Apt. 13, what does the future hold for Gob?

We have a cross Canada tour coming up this fall, after that international tours and much more will follow. Check out for tour dates and details. Thanks!

Bio; Alex Bear

Interview; Emillie Marvel


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