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Catching Up with Friends of Foes!

Posted by punk-nation on October 21, 2014 at 4:55 PM

Our buds in Friends of Foes last chatted with us in September of 2013, only a few months before the release of their expectation-shattering Chronophobic. Since then, the intrepid quartet have hit the music industry hard, with extensive touring, remarkable music videos and a sound that cannot be replicated. Now, with a brand new single titled "Winter" on the books for October 24th, the band are showing no signs of slowing down. With this much passion, charisma and hard work in their arsenal, the path the band is on can only lead to great things. We caught up with the band, and chatted the new single, the past year of their career and much more. Check it out below!

“Winter” is your first release since your debut album, Chronophobic. How has your band progressed in the past few months?

KEEGAN: We’ve become more mature in our writing process. This time around we've taken longer to make better decisions about where a song should go.


Tell us about the filming experience for the “Winter” music video. What are some standout moments?

TONY: Filming “Winter” was an incredible experience. We had a lot of fun with Morgan throughout the entire process. She has a great sense of humour which is important with us, because we like to goof around. I honestly enjoyed every aspect of filming this video and I think that the footage, and gag reel shows this.


When should we expect your sophomore album? What direction are you looking to head with it?

KEEGAN: I know we’d like to get out new material as soon as possible. We haven’t set any recording dates or anything but possibly next summer if we can muster up enough tracks for an album. Some songs are a bit heavier, and with a bit more drive at times. Other songs are still as playful and light hearted as Chronophobic. We’ve tried plenty of new interesting ways to spice up a song.


Take us through a typical show day for Friends Of Foes.

TONY: If we are on tour, one of us will get the others up and we will slowly gather out gear together, eat some breakfast (or lunch, depending on what time we need to be in the next city) and try to get on the road. There may be a clothing/pillow fight in the process; it really depends on who wakes the group up. Matt or I will usually do the driving to the next city. Once we get there, we like to get food right away and I like to have a beer. We make a point of getting to know some locals and having some fun before the show. Sometimes, we will walk around the city or take some photos. A few tours back, we made a point of heading to every mall we could; not sure why, we didn’t buy very much.


Over the past year, what’s the most valuable thing you learned in the music industry?

KEEGAN: Eat healthy when you play shows on the road. It sounds dumb, but when you’re constantly travelling your body just can’t handle anything else unhealthy accompanied with lack of sleep.

TONY: The most valuable thing that I have learned is always try. Even if you are playing to a venue with literally 10 people in it; play as if there are 1,000 people there. You never know who is watching. Even if no one is watching, you still have a good night so why not?


What does the rest of the year look like for Friends Of Foes?

TONY: For the rest of this year, we have another tour lined up. We are heading to Alberta once again which I am very excited for because we have been consistently playing in Alberta for a while now and we are starting to build a fan base. I don’t believe we have any intentions to record for the next little while, but I am very excited for the work we have been putting into new material as well as continue touring.



Is there anything else you’d like to add?

KEEGAN: Be prepared to hear some new material in the upcoming months! We’ve been struggling to keep new songs a secret!

TONY: I would just like to say thank you to my mother and father, my family, my friends, and all my fans for the dedicated support and love. I am very proud of this band and I am proud of the song and video that we made. I am profoundly grateful for the experience.


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