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Get To Know Thousand Foot Krutch with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on October 28, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Some people are born with the flavor of rock and roll running through their blood. Others cultivate it through years of experience and boundless passion. But Thousand Foot Krutch? They fall under both catergories. Fueled by their love of music from the moment of their 1995 formation, the band spend every year creating another chapter in their legendary story. The latest edition of their remarkable tale is Oxygen: Inhale, which could also be referred to as the one of the best rock albums you've ever heard. When they rolled into Grand Rapids on the Born This Way tour, we caught up with vocalist Trevor McNevan and chatted about his passion for music, reactions to their new album, and the coolest moments of band life.


So, you’re on the Born This Way tour. How’s it been going so far?



It’s been awesome. We’re about a week in right now, and shows have been great. The bands are awesome, good people. Yeah, it’s been a blast. Kind of like a family vibe out here.


How’s it been like playing the new songs from the album? I reviewed it last week, it’s really good.

Thank you so much for your review by the way, it was awesome!


It’s been awesome. It’s always a lot of fun playing new stuff, just kind of getting to throw some new stuff in the set. The response has been really good. It’s exciting to kind of see that connection.


Which one do you think’s been clicking the best with the audience?

Probably “Born This Way” just because you know, people have heard it from the single. It’s on the radio. But the other stuff’s been going over really well considering they’re brand new songs for people.


With the album, what’s your best memory from recording it?

So many. I wrote it between the back of the bus and my studio at home, then me and the guys got together after that. It’s hard to name one, to be honest. We record our own stuff, you know, and produce it and do all that ourselves, so it’s hard to pick one thing. Well, I had a good friend of mine who plays slide guitar for Carrie Underwood play on “Born This Way”, actually. So that was kind of a fun highlight, something different for our record.


Added another element.



Are there any other elements, like certain styles of music or something, you’d like to experiment with in the future?

I think wherever inspiration kind of takes us, you know? I feel like a good song’s a good song. Like whether it’s country or rock or pop, or whatever. I think all that, in different ways, that stuff just sneaks into your music if you’re inspired by it. We’re not scared to do that. I think with “Born This Way” and a couple songs off the new record, it was like, it’s still this band and it’s still sides of this band that have been there, but I feel like we kind of committed to a few things that are a little bit more outside of our box. And some people dig that. Change is hard you know, sometimes it’s a maybe too far left for some people, but [you] can’t please everyone.


I think that too. It’s hard to listen to just one genre of music. People are like “Oh, I only listen to the hardest rocking rock and roll!”

Yeah. With the new record too, we have kind of a softer—well just more of the lighter side, I think, of this band than we have in the past. It just felt right for this record, to be honest.


Do you think you’ll continue with that at all on the next one, or are you even thinking about that yet?

I am, actually. Started working on it in the last couple weeks. Exhale, I can’t tell you too much about it yet, but it’s gonna be interesting and exciting. I’m really stoked about it. It’s gonna be a different thing, for sure.


So I have a bit of a deep question to ask you… There are a lot of bands right now, coming out saying that music can’t save your life, don’t tell me my band saved your life. And then there are also those who are saying it’s wrong to say that. Where do you stand on it?

We feel blessed to just be able to — Music is something that spoke to us, you know, communicated to us growing up. And so to be able to take that passion and flip it around, and be able to communicate with other people that way is such a blessing. Music’s a powerful thing, man, it always has been. It can be a time machine and take us back to that moment, it can get us through a hard day. To me, our faith is our lifestyle, that’s who we are, so it bleeds into everything we do. So for me, when I look at that, I would give the glory to God on that. I see him move through music all the time, and just communicate with us and heal us and help us. We all go through different stuff in our life, and have been through different things. So my stance I guess would be absolutely, man. Is it music itself that saved a life? It’s a tool that speaks to us.


You guys have a pretty busy tour schedule. You’re always on the road.

Yeah, it’s good. This one goes until November 10th, I think?


Have you found anything that makes life on the road a little easier? A little more convenient?

For years we went through three or four different vans and RVs and everything. We’ve been in a bus maybe eight or nine years now, and it’s such a blessing in itself. You can actually sleep and have a little of your own space, a little privacy. We have a studio, a portable studio in the back of the bus that we’re always working in, and then movies or hockey’s always on our TVs. You know, just different things to pass time, to kind of make life feel a little bit more normal when you’re traveling everyday.


And then you have an off day tomorrow, right?

We do.


Tell me about your greatest off day story.

I don’t know if I have a particular… We try to catch shows on our off days, so we went to see Metallica a few years ago. Our tour manager’s a big Metallica fan. That was a highlight for sure, man. Yeah, I don’t know. That’s a really good question, because I don’t even know how to answer. I don’t really have like a specific one, but I usually try to shut up on an off day. So I’ll go see a movie. Do something that’s entertaining where I don’t have to talk.


Unwind a little?

Yeah, exactly. Just chill. Everybody tries to catch up on sleep and do laundry, stuff like that.


You said how you toured in a van for a long time. What’s your craziest van story?

I don’t know, it’s definitely not crazy, but it’s one of those things... I wouldn’t trade that time for anything, it was so awesome... I remember standing on the side of the road—we actually all got out to go to the restroom on the side of the road. So all four guys standing there, and we just kind of looked up in the middle of the night and there was northern lights and it was just awesome you know? It was one of those moments where you’re like “You know what? There’s a lot of crazy about this, but not everyone gets to see that right now.” It’s the little things, man. So, crazy stories? I don’t know, man. Probably have hundreds of those. But to me, it’s more like those cool moments like that.


When you started this band… did you ever imagine that all these years later, you would still be here? You’d still be doing this, you’d still be putting out incredible music?

I think it’s one of those things that we’ve always believed in, and I certainly can’t see the end. We feel like we’re just getting started. Our hearts have always really been in it, so there was never really a plan B.



I think from like ten years old, eight years old, music just grabbed me, man. It almost felt like it chose you.


Yeah, definitely!

It’s always been that real… I feel fortunate for that, because I have a lot of friends that aren’t quite sure what they wanna do. I guess that’s a blessing. From a young age, I just kind of had that. It’s never been anything else, you know what I mean? It’s such a blessing. We don’t take a day of it for granted. We love it.


Did you grow up around a lot of music?

Around music? Yes. My family’s not musical at all, they’re very like athletic, I don’t even think they can clap on beat. So I was like “that kid” in our family. That’s how I came up.


What was the first album you listened to and were like “That’s what I want to sound like!”?

It was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Like, the vinyl. I think my mom brought it home from the grocery store or something. You used to actually be able to buy vinyl at like grocery stores. And I remember memorizing every word to that record. My parents had one of those big wooden, weighed like one ton stereos that had a turntable and an eight-track player… I remember standing there and just diving into this record for like, years. That was my first one, for sure.


Did you memorize the moves to “Thriller”?

[Laughs] I tried.


Have you ever broke ‘em out on stage before? That’s the real question.

We did as a tour prank on this one tour, we had about three or four of us bands, we all went out during another band’s set and did the “Thriller” dance. So it actually has happened on stage.


That’s gotta be on Youtube right?

Probably, actually. Never looked.


So what’s next? Besides this new album you’ve just started working on.

Yeah, we’ll be working on that for a little while. This tour, obviously, and then when we finish this we have a short break, and then we go to Russia. This’ll be our third trip over there. And then we actually, this is a huge honor, we got asked by Alice Cooper to go and play his big Christmas bash in Arizona. Pretty excited about that. So yeah, that’s on the horizon right now. Then we’re trying to plan a spring tour right now, figuring out who and what that’s gonna look like.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I guess a huge thanks, man. To you guys, thanks for having me. And to everybody, just for your support on the new record. You can check out for videos, music, tour dates and we have a free app in the appstore, as well. Come hang at a show, we’d love to see you!

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