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Get To Know Scare Don't Fear with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on October 28, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Straight out of Rhode Island, Scare Don’t Fear is ready to rock with one of the most innovative sounds on the market today. Inking a deal with Ben Bruce and Kyle Borman’s KBB Records, then hitting the road with the Vans Warped Tour, gave the band’s career a massive kickstart. Since then, they’ve kept up with the whiplash inducing speed, while looking towards the future. We chatted with one of the band’s vocalists, Frankie Screamz, about what’s on their calendar, fan funded projects, and how their deal with KBB Records came to be. If you’re as eager to see what’s in store for the band as we are, you can help make it happen by donating to their PledgeMusic campaign here.

So you’re headed to the first show of this tour with Eyes Set To Kill, right?

Yeah, we’ve got an off day first. It’s just us headlining in Ohio, and then we’re gonna start the next day with Eyes Set To Kill.


Awesome! So you’ll be on the road for a few weeks then?

Yeah, I think it’s like three, three and a half weeks.


How do you prepare for being on the road for that long?

You know, this is only our second tour, so we’re still learning things as we go. We tried to pack less for this tour. Warped Tour we like overpacked, way too much. So we tried to be a little bit more neat about the way we packed. Like, the trailer’s a lot more organized. When we were leaving for Warped, we didn’t know what to expect, now we kind of know what to expect.


That’s always good, learn from your mistakes. Would you say organization’s the biggest lesson you learned from going out on Warped?

Maybe not that. I think one of the biggest things that we learned from Warped Tour is just how powerful touring actually is for a young band. We knew it was a big tool, we knew it was the most important, but now we know why. We’ve seen it first hand, how it works. So I think that would be the biggest thing we took from Warped Tour.


What was the best date of Warped Tour? What’s your best memory from it?

Oh, that’s a good question, because there was a couple really, really fun shows. I remember Minnesota, for some reason, stood out to us. We opened that day, but where they put the stage was like right next to the entrance. We started our set pretty much like ten minutes after the doors opened, so everyone just flooded to our stage. We caught their attention, and they couldn’t leave until we were done. It was like 600 kids [who had] never heard of us before like going crazy, treating us like rockstars. Other than Minnesota, we had a great time in Dallas… Cincinnati, Ohio was really good. Salt Lake City was good, Nashville was good.


I heard the Midwest was really good for the whole tour.

Yeah, you heard right, because the Midwest treated us so well.


And you have the PledgeMusic campaign going right now?

Yeah, we have the PledgeMusic thing we just started, because we’re still a young band. We put a lot of weight on our shoulders when we went of Warped, spent tons of money and if we want to keep doing this, we’ve gotta do something like this. Gotta be a little bit more creative and think outside of the box a little bit. So we put this together, and we’re hoping that fans really like what we put up there for them. We tried to be as creative and original as possible.


You hear a lot with the PledgeMusic and the Kickstarter, a lot of people are trying to go against it. Where do you think they’re coming from? What do you think people who are against fan funded projects should realize?

Well you know, I wasn’t really that into the those type of things before we had to do it, so I can see where those type of people are coming from. But if you really break it down for the people and you show them—especially PledgeMusic, you can see that they really are supporting musicians, and they really are trying to send a positive message out there, they’re not just trying to steal everybody’s money or something like that. And on top of it, these are things that we sell anyways. If you go to our regular merch store that we have now, you will see all of these things there already. We already sell signed CDs, drumsticks, drumheads, cymbols. We’re just teaming up with PledgeMusic now to make it a little bit more official and pretty much have a partner. They’ve done this before, they know the right way to go about this.


You’re on the new label, KBB Records. Tell us about how you ended up signed to them.

Pretty much a long story short is over the last year, in 2013, we got the same attorney that Asking Alexandria had. And when Ben Bruce started his label with Kyle, he used that same attorney, and that attorney was like “Yo, I already have a band that you guys should check out. You would love them, they’re really original. They’re really unique.” So our attorney sent Ben our music, and Ben heard it and called us two hours later and was like “Dudes, we’ve gotta do this. You guys are so unique, I see your vision, I don’t want to change anything about you guys. Come on board… Let’s do this.” And that’s pretty much how it went down. It’s still really new to us, like we just signed [in] like March. That wasn’t that long ago at all, so it’s still very new to us. We’re still in our hard working mood, we’re ready to dominate.


What’s next for the band?

Our biggest thing that the whole band wants to focus on is our visuals for online and pretty much everywhere. TV, wherever we can get. We already have three music videos filmed, none of them have dropped yet. So hopefully soon we’ll start dropping those. And then we want to work on more stuff, like blogs. We’re teaming up with, and we’re doing vlogs with them for this tour. We’re working on that, hopefully we can upgrade our cameras over the next couple of months. So yeah, you can expect more visuals from us. And we’re always working on music.


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