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Get To Know PandaCorn with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on November 4, 2014 at 8:40 AM


A quick listen to indie pop rock band PandaCorn is all you'll need to provide yourself with an undeniably certainty that this is a band doing something different. Born into the abundant indie scene in 2012, they've been continously changing the game ever since. Boredom is a feeling that strays far from your headphones while listening to any one of the band's shimmering tracks. With this much creativity pumped into such a young career, it's thrilling to ponder what we'll hear from 'em next. If you haven't been introduced to the band yet, take this as your chance to get aquainted with their stellar sound, and learn a little more about who they are, where they're coming from, and where the journey is taking them next.

With a sound as unique as yours, we have to ask: What is your headspace usually like when writing?


I think most bands are shooting for a unique sound that defines them, so thanks for saying that, it means a lot. As a three piece were kind of limited sonically, but we definitely try to be as colorful as possible with what we've got to work with. Utilizing electronics and synth tones are a big part of our approach, but still keeping a raw overtone to the arrangements. Some songs are inspired by events, like "Forgotten Machines", we were driving down the highway noticing the abandoned threshers and tractors in the ditch. Some are inspired by a riff or melody or even a children's book like Velveteen Daddy (The Velveteen Rabbit). We do split up the lyrics to add some different perspective. Megan and I (Brodie) are in a lot of ways completely different people and we wanted that to be expressed in the songs too.


What are your favorite aspects of the indie music scene? Least favorite?


The people! Fans, band members and administrators all give you a sense of community if you're open to it. It makes Canada feel really tightly knit when you start traveling and seeing a lot of familiar faces.


Sometimes the road life in Canada is tough. Long drives can be exhausting and cost is always an issue, but it's not unbearable.


Where did the idea to start this band originate?


I used to accompany Megan with her solo project. I had just went on hiatus from a group called Brain Sauce and we were both looking for something new to express some ideas that didn't quite fit those projects. The costumes came out at a Halloween party, mine a panda onesie and Megan's a unicorn top and thus PandaCorn was born!


What are your favorite circumstances for playing? Which types of shows suit you best?


Any show where people wanna hear original music. It feels so good to see people letting go and enjoying themselves while you're playing, whether it's two people or 200.


Tell us about your favorite memory from band life so far.


Hmmm thats always tough to narrow down. In recent memory opening up for Library Voices at MosoFest in Saskatoon was surreal. Projected explosions behind us and a great crowd. That city has always made us feel at home. Pretty much any show there is a favorite!


What’s next for PandaCorn?


We're releasing videos for songs on our current album, Synthesis of Opposites. Watch for "Midnight Move" to come out in January!


Is there anything else you’d like to add?


PandaCorn has nothing to do with corn on the cobb.

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