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Get To Know Such Gold with Punk Nation!

Posted by punk-nation on November 10, 2014 at 9:00 PM

There isn’t a fan in the scene who hasn’t heard of Such Gold—and that’s quite an achievement considering they only formed back in 2009. Working tirelessly, the band have already released the critically acclaimed full length Misadventures, as well as 4 split 7”s and two EPs, and now they’re back with their sophomore effort, The New Sidewalk. During their current tour with Transit, Seaway, and Four Year Strong, we caught up with the band to talk the new album, favorite records, and more!

What can fans expect from the new album?

12 songs. 38 minutes. Guitars. Drums. Flugelhorn. Mongolian throat singing.

What song from The New Sidewalk are you most excited for fans to hear live?

We've been playing a rotation of about 6 songs from the record for the last five months or so.  "No Cab Fare" is a really tough one to nail - so we are definitely looking forward to ripping that one live!

What were your favorite records growing up?

My "favorites" definitely changed from year to year pretty significantly. When I was 12 or so my main rotation was "Punk O Rama 4", Everytime I Die "Last Night In Town" and Dillinger Escape Plan's EP with "Mike Patton". A couple years later and it was probably something closer to black metal like Old Man's Child. Then strictly Pinback for a couple of years. I was just listening to Miley Cyrus this morning on purpose so things change.


How have the roles adjusted in the band since the recent lineup changes?

Ben was always writing a lot of the guitar parts for Such Gold since it's inception so that transition was pretty seamless. Matt adds whole knew musical dimension to the band and with any member shift like that - the whole vibe gets a good reset. We're definitely having a great time writing and touring together. It feels really fresh.


What was it like recording with Bill Stevenson?

It was an incredible experience. Most of the punk and hardcore records we all enjoy together have been records that Bill has worked on in some capacity - being it as a drummer, producer, or engineer. The other engineers at the Blasting Room - Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin, and Chris Beeble, were equally important to the experience. We got on very well and were just always striving together to do the best job on the album we could. Everyone trusted each other to do their part.


What were your biggest influences when writing this record?

That feeling you get when every part is working together in a musically exciting way. We definitely have musical colors, styles, and tones in mind as we write but it really just comes down that feeling where several musical voices are working together.

What’s been the highlight of your tour with Transit and Driver Friendly?

Getting to vibe with all the guys in the bands has been a treat. There are a lot of different personalities on this run. It's a great thing. All the guys in Driver Friendly are also hardcore magic card players. They taught our guitarist Nate and our tour manager Charlie how to play and had a draft and everything. They infected them. I've watched a few games in full and no more of an understanding. SHIT IS CRAZY.


Do you have any advice for new bands starting out?

Write lots of music and push yourself to find musical ground stretches your ears, not just whats comfortable.


What’s next for Such Gold?

Well this tour goes right into a run with Four Year Strong, Transit, Us and Seaway. Tthen of course the release of "The New Sidewalk" on 11/10. Then in mid December we have a short Canadian run with The Flatliners and PUP.We've already written 3 or 4 songs on the road. I imagine we'll want to get into the studio as soon as possible and are looking forward to wherever we go next year.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The only record that is worth listening to, other then The New Sidewalk (RAZOR AND TIE - 11/10) is:

Interview & Bio; Alex Bear

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