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Hit:Take Or Leave It


To Sum It Up:

Punk Rock worth listening to.

In a world with so many variations of "punk rock", it's nice to know there are some bands out there that actually make it. There's no doubt Authority Zero are excited about the music they're making - it comes through in every note of all twelve songs.  With hints of ska on tracks like "Struggle", anthemic rock ("On The Brink") - not to mention "Lift One Up" which could easily could fit on a Pennywise tracklist, from the second you start the album to the finally seconds of "21st Century Breakout", you're in for an insanely amazing ride. This is the CD that will own your CD player for the entire summer. I'd suggest you grab your copy and start the out-playing.

The Tipping Point
Authority Zero


Hardline Entertainment
April 2nd, 2013



1. No Other Place
2. Undivided
3. For The Kids
4. Take Or Leave It
5. Struggle
6. Lift One Up
7. On The Brink
8. Today We Heard The News
9. The Tipping Point
10. Shakedown In Juarez
11. Endless Roads
12. 21st Century Breakout

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