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Hit: Back Down Baby

Miss: Northern Lights

To Sum It Up:

Someone needs to get that guitarist a Grammy.

Everywhere you turn you can find a band asking you to give their music a try.  While a lot of these aren't worth the effort to get your headphones, we'd like to show you one that is.  City Rivals is possibly one of the best unsigned bands around. With their debut EP Clues, Lies and Lyrics they proved to everyone that they have what it takes to be your new favorite band.  Weak moments are practically non-existent, the tracklist flows perfectly.  Vocalist Ben Radigan is to be, well, rivaled and someone needs to get that guitarist a Grammy. Overall, this is a very strong release and I can only imagine what's to come from City Rivals.

Clues, Lies & Lyrics
City Rivals


February 28th, 2012


1. Back Down Baby
2. Blueprints
3. Cynicism In City Lights
4. Northern Lights
5. Through The Airwaves

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