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Hit: Don't Call It Crying

Miss: What She Said Part 2

To Sum It Up:

Pure pop punk greatness.

I've been excited about Come Down Denver's Don't Sweat It since I first heard of the band. Unfortunately, anticipating a release usually ends in disappointment. I'm glad to say that wasn't the case with Don't Sweat It. The band might not have reinvented the wheel, but they made a pretty great imitation of it. The EP is pure pop punk greatness, and if you've ever found interest in Simple Plan or Yellowcard, be ready to fall all over Come Down Denver. I imagine the shows that are to follow this EP will be nothing short of incredible. For such a young band, it's really impressive that they've put out such a consistent release. Now imagine what's to come of the band - It's an exciting thought.

Don't Sweat It
Come Down Denver


Are You Down Records
July 30th, 2013


1. Don't Call It Crying
2. Down Like The Others
3. Fire Hazard
4. I'm Sorry
5. What She Said Part 2

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