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Hit: Talk


To Sum It Up:

Do yourself a favor and buy it.

I've listened to a few different versions of Come Hell Or High Water's Burn It Down and I still can't get enough. The band have created something special with this EP, something that deserves to be heard by millions - Not for the bands' benefit, but for that of the listener.  It's thoughtful and powerful, and incredibly hard to turn off.  This will be the EP that you come back to years from now and still love just as much as the first time you heard it.  Come Hell Or High Water was already a promising band, but Burn It Down really sends them over the top. Pick up the album, you'll appreciate it.

Burn It Down
Come Hell Or High Water



May 22nd, 2013


Track Listing:
1. Burn It Down
2. Twenty Going On Eighty
3. Heart Stays Strong
4. Talk (ft. Joel Cossette)
5. Live The Dream

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