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Hit: The Dead Don't Walk

Miss: Sorrow

To Sum It Up:

A breath of fresh air.

Dance Hall Pimps have created something truly admirable with 'The Dead Don't Walk'. Interesting, fun and fresh, dull moments are non-existent on the ten song collection. Vocalist RJ Comer has perfected his craft, and that adds yet another great element. The album shows hints of Americana, gets a little spooky at times and transports you to New Orleans more than once. My only complaint is that it's a little top heavy, the best four songs play within the first five tracks. Overall, it's a solid release I can see being in the top ten of this year in music. Not to mention it'd be the perfect soundtrack for your Halloween party.

The Dead Don't Walk
Dance Hall Pimps


Growling Moon Records
November 5th, 2013


1. Safe Place To Land
2. Love Ain't Just A Feelin'
3. The Dead Don't Walk
4. No Survivors
5. Bootleg
6. Sorrow
7. Can't Play That Game
8. Population 100
9. Voodoo Bar (ft. Jimmi Wood)
10. Ain't Dyin' In My Sleep

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