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Top Track:

"Dance Baby Dance"

To Sum It Up:

Melting The Best of Pop and Rock together

Dorydrive’s Here’s To You is impressive, to say the least. The band are known for melting the best of pop, rock and alternative together, but never have they done it as well as this.

From the opening notes of track one, “Radiate”, you’re introduced to the insane talent that comes from vocalist Matheiu Nevitt. The song starts slow, but turns into something stronger than you would ever expect.

On either side of title track and radio single “Here’s To You” is “Paramour” and “Tattooed”. Both tracks do their fair share of contributing to the album, but “Here’s To You” is where things get very interesting. Dancing (or at least bobbing your head along) to the track is highly suggested. Only acceptable at deafening volumes, it has “radio play” written all over it.

“Perfect Chemical”’s electronic-rock vibe resembles My Darkest Days. It begs to be played live, and a plethore of “woah oh, yeah yeah”’s serves to make it catchy. You have no other option than to “say yes to the energy that’s passing through your bloodstream”.

The influence from 80’s hair band ballads on “When The Lights Burn Out” is undeniable, and it could be argued that “Take Me As I Am” draws influence from a more country sound. “Never Easy” and “Better Part Of Me” both keep up, and are ready to hit the radio at any second.

“Dance Baby Dance” sees Dorydrive return to that My Darkest Days-esque sound. Hands down the best track on the album, it’s nothing short of addictive. Nevitt’s vocals are irresistible and the emotion is thick.

“All The Same” claims bragging rights to group vocals and well written lyrics before it hands over the spotlight to the final track “Your Gravity (Time Stands Still)”. Like a fierce love song, it eases you out of the album in the best way possible. After the final notes of the song dwindle down, the only thing on your mind will be “WHEN are they coming to my town?”

Here's To You


Rockridge Warner
February 25th, 2014





Here's To You


Perfect Chemical

When The Lights Burn Out

Take Me As I Am

Better Part Of Me

Never Easy

Dance Baby Dance

All The Same

Your Gravity (Time Stands Still)

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