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Hit: "Filler, Baby"


To Sum It Up:

Music can still be a beautiful, powerful and incredible thing.

Fairy Bones bring something to the table that hasn't been heard. Ever. In the course of four songs, the band touch on a record breaking number of genres, and vocalist Chelsey Louise demonstrates that she has one of the best voices in music today. The self titled EP kicks off with “Like Like”, which can only be described as modern riot grrrl rock. The collection then slips into “Filler, Baby”, which is where you realize Fairy Bones are your new favorite band. From there, you run into “Anything”, a bit slower than the rest of the collection, but equally as great. Much too soon, the EP closes on a great note with “DUKA!”. After it ends, the only logical thing to do is to hit repeat. In a world where there's little original material left in music, The Fairy Bones EP restores faith that music can still be a beautiful, powerful and ultimately incredible thing.

The Fairy Bones EP
Fairy Bones


October 15, 2013



Like Like

Filler, Baby



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