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There are a lot of great new rock bands in the world right now. Then there's Her Bright Skies.

If I'm being honest, I went into this album a little weary. For every great new rock band, there's one that's nearly intolerable to listen to. However, from the second "Working Class Punx" started, Her Bright Skies blew away almost everything else I've listened to all year . Her Bright Skies don't belong in a stereotype with new rock, they deserve to be right along with all of the most established and talented bands that you know.

There wasn't a single song that didn't impress me. From the lyrics frontman Jaybee Brolin sings with perfection, to the sound of the masterpiece guitar segments, nothing is wrong on this album.

"Rivals" is definitely not short of anthemic songs, or insane vocals. Brolin shows every ounce of talent he has on every song, and sings with such passion you can't help but feel exactly how he did while he was recording them.  From a scream, to a soft croon he masters the art of vocals on Rivals.

My favorite on the album is the first track, "Working Class Punx", but the gem of Rivals is definitely "Debutante". I can't suggest that you just download one song though, as they're all works of art that deserve to be heard by everyone, everywhere.

With this release coming just a year after the band started, I can't imagine how they're going to sound in the future. I'll be impatiently waiting for the next release - and this one isn't even out yet.

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