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Hoobastank has been around for nearly two decades, one of them spent with Island Records, and just when you thought there was no way they could get any better, that's exactly what they do.

The band has departed with their old record label, but that certainly didn't stop them from delivering one of the best rock albums of the decade. Fight Or Flight reminded me of everything I grew up listening to. There was always some rock band, from Three Days Grace to Hinder to Hoobstank themselves playing in my house, and this album could have easily fit in with those early 2000's rock albums.

The album delivers on every level. The guitar is incredible, the drums tie everything together so well and then there's Doug Robb's voice - We couldn't forget his voice. Robb gave the best vocal performance of his career on this record. Every song, every note is done perfectly. The emotion in songs like "Magnolia" and "1000 Words" is undeniable, and the pure anger saturating his voice in "This Is Gonna Hurt" is unlike anything you've ever heard before. My personal favorite, "No Destination", is a vital player on the tracklist, but the stand out track is "Can You Save Me", hands down.

If Hoobastank wasn't sure about their place in history books as one of this generations best rock bands,

                                                                                          this album undoubtedly secured their spot  .

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