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Hit: Mind The Gap

Miss: It's Don't Make Me No Nevermind

To Sum It Up:

Even you hate it, you'll love it

The latest effort from iwrestledabearonce leaves you feeling a bit disoriented at times. It flows in and out of genres so frequently and cohesively that I wasn't quite sure what album I was listening to 90% of the time - but that isn't a bad thing. If anything, Late For Nothing is so unique that even you hate it, you'll love it, because you haven't heard it before.  The band produced it themselves, and if this album is any indication they could certainly have a career in the field.  An album with so many ideas could easily be overthought and overdone but this is simply a fantastic metal, alternative, atmospheric, pop, rock album. IWABO deserves a standing ovation.

Late For Nothing


Century Media Records
August 6th, 2013


1. Thunder Chunky
2. Letters To Stallone
3. Snake Charmer
4. Boat Paddle
5. Firebees
6. Mind The Gap
7. Carnage Asada
8. The Map
9. That’s A Horse Of A Different Color
10. I’d Buy That For A Dollar
11. Inside Job
12. It Don’t Make Me No Nevermind

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