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"Delacroix Blues"

To Sum It Up:

John & Brittany are here to tell you tales that will make your ears bleed and your toes curl.

Get out of the way, rockstars coming through. Philly rock duo John & Brittany are here to tell you tales that will make your ears bleed and your toes curl. Their gritty new EP is called Stories To Be Told because each song is like a short story in itself—at the heart of this dynamic are two storytellers who are too imaginative for the simple written word to contain them.

“St Valentine” kicks off the EP with an ironic take on the patron saint of love and romance—the sneering chorus of “you dig it when I suffer” is the punk mantra of the brokenhearted, but there’s no way of moping around for long with these punchy riffs proving all you need is some kickass rock n’ roll. So put up your dukes, because “Delacroix Blues” is up next and shows the EP’s dark side, with just a touch of theatricality that will have you acting out an overdramatic music video in your head every time you hit play.

“La Tierra” changes gear and brings in a latin rock influence—here are a band that are not afraid to experiment with their sound, and John Faye’s vocals clearly suit a wide range of genres. There’s a definite influence of “the wrong side of the tracks”, a theme continued in “Hank The Hound Dog”, a song based on a real life bar owner from Philly, who wore mini-skirts, and took far too many drugs. And just by listening to it you’ll be transported into Hank’s bizarre little world, spinning around with the winding riffs, faint, chilling piano, and ironic overtones.

“Story To Be Told” wraps up the EP with a lighthearted wave of its guitar, and croons “may you know forever more I always be your friend”. And that’s something you can count on—they might be brutally honest, overly ironic, and often playful, but John & Brittany will always be your friend.

Stories To Be Told
John & Brittany


October 7th, 2014
It Keeps Evolving, LLC



St Valentine

Delacroix Blues

La Tierra

Hank the Hound Dog

Story to Be Told

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