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Hit: Shatter

Miss: Hot Shot

To Sum It Up: 


Electro-pop is nothing if not an overdone genre, and every day the boundaries of what can be included are being stretched even further.  Keyless, though, is truly electro-pop.  Hot Shot is pop for adults - It has a very mature and well thought out sound, and is slightly reminiscent of Ashland High's Geronimo.  There may have been too many production tricks included, and the robotic vocals get a little tiring at times.  There are a few good pieces included towards the end of the album, "Waiting For You" will be on repeat on my iPod for at least a month, and "Shatter" is just great all around. It'll make a good soundtrack for this summer.

Hot Shot


Keyless Music
May 21st, 2013


1. Hot Shot
2. Deep End
3. Highway 90
4. Crazy
5. Nothin' But A Grin
6. Everything
7. War On The Floor
8. Waiting For You
9. Shatter

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