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Lorelei Carlson is on her way to becoming a sensation across the dream-pop/electronic genres, and her EP 20mg was a GREAT first step.

Immediately, you "get" this collection. It's thoughtful, peaceful and gives you a whole new reality to live in for a while. 20mg is a breath of fresh air. It gives you a chance to clear your head and sort out your thoughts. The words dream-pop couldn't describe it better.
Every song was great in it's own sense, and quite often they reminded me of bands like VersaEmerge. I don't speak any Spanish, yet I was captivated by "Tu No Me Dejaste".  "I Want My Sweater Back" definitely has potential of being a single, but my favorite was the title track. 20mg is breathtakingly beautiful.

So go ahead, download Lorelei Carlson's EP "20mg", and a year from now when everyone knows her name, you can say you discovered her first. We'll let you take the credit.

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