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The second I pushed play on Lowtalker's The Marathon, I knew I was in for an album I'd never forget.

Everything about The Marathon is quite literally perfect punk/rock.  Each song packs it's own punch. It's beautifully written, and never feels forced. This is a band that's truly in it for music, and they're creating it the way they love.
 Lowtalker's label debut is only six tracks long, and as you hear the closing notes of "Chances", easily the best song in the EP, your finger will be closing in on the replay button. Waiting for the next release will be pure agony.

Writing this, I've been trying to think of something I didn't absolutley love about this album, and not one thing come to mind. From the order of the tracklist, to the beat of the drums, to vocalist Stu Ross's rugged voice that gives every lyric more meaning than you could imagine, nothing about this album is bad. Actually, nothing about this album is even mediocre. These four guys know what they're doing, and they're doing it well.
This is the kind of album that influences generations of future bands and musicians. 
Could another band have taken ahold of these six songs and come up with a great EP? Sure. Could  they do it as flawlessly as Lowtalker and come up with the EP of the century? Not a chance.

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