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“Little Eyes

To Sum It Up
They’re in one major league of their own.

Major League have a fitting name—they’re in one major league of their own. For such a fledgling band to possess such focus and drive in a world of distractions is a rare and admirable feat, and will catapult them into the stratosphere. They’ve been hard at work touring in support of their debut album Hard Feelings, but found time to hit the studio without fear, producing an incredibly affecting and energetic follow up. So plug in, and get ready to go places you’ve never been with There’s Nothing Wrong With Me.

It’s pretty much a requirement in the world of pop punk to hate your town, and “Wallflower” kicks off the album true to form. “I never stood a chance in this place” chants vocalist Brian Joyce as the guitars swirl dangerously around the outside to create one hell of an angry anthem. “Graves” only turns the power up even more, with the drums setting the pace for your heart to race to, and there’s no sign of slowing down as “Pillow Talk” takes over. There are echoes of early 2000s Mest, coupled with soaring riffs that will have you pumping your fist towards the sky by the time the very first chorus hits.

“Kaleidoscopes” is the right time to start the mosh pit. The cold might be setting in, but this is a song that’s so heated it’ll have you fighting off those winter blues with a fistful of summery notes, backed by some trusty heavy riffs. But just like all days in the sun, the night comes in, unforgiving and bleak. “Just As I Am” is gloomy, brooding, and most importantly, completely intoxicating. Here’s a Major League you want to get to know—they’re not just another pop punk band; they’re a band with a soul laid bare for everyone to hear.

In true pop punk tradition, there’s got to be an acoustic song somewhere, right? “Montreal” is said song, and while it keeps the dark honesty so trademark of this record, it also provides a refreshing break from all the madness, giving you the chance to collect your thoughts (and all the things you knocked over while moshing). All refreshed? Good—because “Little Eyes” is here ease you back in with with some scaling riffs, building to a crescendo. Let the dual vocals wash over you, and feel safe in the knowledge that no matter what you go through, it’s bands like Major League that will get you to the other side. And with echoes of late era Blink-182, “Recovery” continues this emotional therapy with a heavier hand.

“Devil’s Advocate” switches it up with a bouncy two minute stomper that packs so many different riffs into it you’ll be left spinning. “Bruiser” should set you back on course for a good solid pop punk workout, which we’ll assume will involve lots of headbanging when this song is involved. But prepare to swap in your headbanging for your lighters (or phone torches, this is the 21st Century after all) to sway along to the closer, “Rittenhouse”. “I hope you know I meant everything I said” is a fitting goodbye to a brutally honest record, and hammers home that Major League don’t mess around—they’re here with a damn good song for every moment, every feeling, every part of your life.

There's Nothing Wrong With Me
Major League


No Sleep Records
November 4th



Pillow Talk
Just As I Am
Little Eyes
Devil’s Advocate

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