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The perfect soundtrack to enjoy the view with.

Guest writer; Alex Bear
It’s safe to say we’ve all dreamed of that one really great road trip, one that would take us far away and open our eyes. For us mere dreamers, renowned photographer Ryan Russell is bringing that road trip a little closer to us - through his lens. Russell might be better known for his shots of names such as Paramore, Green Day, and Blink-182, to name but a few, but he took a step away from the stage to capture nature at its most stunning. From Birmingham to Bellingham, you can see his journey in Russell’s new book, Continental Obscura. And to compliment the beauty of the scenery held within these pages, he’s including an exclusive 7” vinyl record, featuring a previously unreleased track from Manchester Orchestra and a rare B side from Minus The Bear, two bands Ryan has photographed over the years. This is the perfect soundtrack to enjoy the view with. 

Side one has a Manchester Orchestra demo from 2009. If any of you have picked up COPE in the past week, you’ll know that this band are onto something special. And “Sure Shot” shows they’ve known what that “something” is all along. The irresistible riffs and quietly confident lyrics manage to bring the grittiness of the underground and the anthemic feel of a huge stadium-filler together, which begs the question - what took them so long to release it?

Side two can hold its own just as well, bringing Minus The Bear in, fists raised and ready to go. Just look to the title of this one - with “Surf-n-Turf”, you get the best of both worlds. You get a beat-filled track good enough for any dance floor, and some spunky melodies layered generously on top to make this the feel good anthem for the summer. So sit back, relax, and take your fill - after taking a bite out of this track, you won’t be needing dessert.

Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham Split 7"
Manchester Orchestra/Minus The Bear


No Sleep Records
April 8th, 2014



Sureshot (Manchester Orchestra)

Surf-n-Turf (Minus The Bear)

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