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Hit: Everything's Eventual

Miss: Happy and Poor

To Sum It Up:

Mixtapes have created something that will never be forgotten.

Mixtapes' Ordinary Silence has a terrible album title.  Ordinary is the last word I'd use to describe their exceptional blend of indie and pop punk, and it certainly isn't silent.  Dual vocals can be a hard thing to master, but you can find it in perfected glory on Ordinary Silence.  Sure, there a couple weak spots ("Happy and Poor"), but it's excused after hearing the following track "I Think I Broke It" which is sure to be your favorite song of summer 2013.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to fit as much beauty into forty-seven seconds as they did on "Gravel", but somehow they accomplished it. Ordinary Silence is infectious, and blew my expectations away.  Mixtapes have created something that will never be forgotten.

Ordinary Silence


No Sleep Records
June 25th, 2013


1. Bad Parts
2. Ross (Dirty Water)
3. Elevator Days
4. C.C.S.
5. Like Glass
6. Gravel (Interlude)
7. Happy And Poor
8. I Think I Broke It
9. You Look Like Springtime
10. Cheapness
11. Everything's Eventual
12. A List Of Things I Can't Handle
13. Swirling
14. Be The Speak That You Change About

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