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Hit: Sunshine State


To Sum It Up:

Revamp your idea of pop rock.

Neo Geo's second full length is about to revamp your idea of pop rock. Let it be known that I've always liked Neo Geo, but I didn't expect Digital DNA to be this good. From the first seconds of opening track “Are You With Me”, the album takes you on a pop-rock journey no other band/artist has been able to accomplish. “One Night Stand” ensures comparisons to Ke$ha will keep coming, (and to be honest, I'm crossing my fingers for a Neo Geo/Ke$ha tour in the near future). At the same time, songs like “Marionette” would feel at home on an Evanescence album. I didn't list a “Miss” with this album, because Neo Geo simply didn't miss the mark on anything. Digital DNA is lively, phenomenal and definitely one of the better albums released this year. You're missing out if you don't pick up a copy at your earliest convenience. Now, please excuse me while I hit replay for the fifth time.

Digital DNA
Neo Geo


Hardline Entertainment
October 29th, 2013


Are You With Me
One Way Ticket
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
I've Done It Alone
One Night Stand
I'll Be Fine
Sunshine State
White Eyes

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