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To the latest generation of pop punk… Your parents have returned.

In the world of music, a long lived band almost always results in worn out revisions of the same tracks, lackluster tours and burned out musicians. And then, you have New Found Glory. A warning must be issued to the latest generation of pop punk… Your parents have returned.

An album that is only acceptable at your stereo’s loudest volume, it kicks off with “Selfless”. Listen as it fades with with some feedback and fuzz, just to build your anticipation that much more. This is the song that originally proves New Found Glory aren’t afraid to take notes from scene icons like A Day To Remember, with an undeniable hardcore edge laced into NFG’s trademark pop punk sound.

Title track “Resurrection” kicks in with a motivational speech straight from a black and white television set before transforming into slamming guitars, insane vocal tricks and snarky pop punk lyrics. The band’s past is loud and clear on the song, but the addition of just a few heavier elements keep the title accurate. This is New Found Glory’s resurrection, and things have changed.

“The Worst Person” takes all of your favorite elements of modern pop punk and crafts them together in an impeccable way, proving that New Found Glory not only know all the old tricks, but are pretty damn good at the new ones too. After it wraps up, you’ll find yourself in the midst of “Ready and Willing”, one of the most radio ready songs to be released this year. The instrumentation quiets down during the first verse and relinquishes all spotlight to vocalist Jordan Pundik. It feels like sunshine and skateboards, and is one of the purest pop punk songs found on Resurrection.

The heavier guitar of “One More Round” hints at an influence from Paramore, which wouldn’t be entirely left field, given lead guitarist Chad Gilbert’s involvement with the band’s vocalist, Hayley Williams. As it fades out and back in again, you’re overcome with the realization that this is a band that knows what they’re doing.

Another bit from television’s past introduces “Vicious Love”, before instantaneously getting your head bobbing. Story esque lyrics, great guitars and an interesting beat all compliment the track, but what should be noted most here is the way Pundik can create an irresistible tempo simply with his voice, a quality that’s all too rare.

“Persistent’s” addicting chorus “keeps pushing on”, while “Stories Of A Different Kind” holds the best intro of the album and even more progression, but returns to their roots on a chorus that holds the sound of pop punk’s glory days. Then, your ears are filled with standout track, “Degenerate”. It harbors a lot of force, and should certainly become a single in the near future.

A deep rock intro, moody sound and steady drumbeat build and build until finally breaking into the positively rock track that “Angel” is. Pop punk is no where to be found, and references to alt-rock act Acceptance have to be made. If you’re looking for an album to accompany your next cool, cloudy day, you’ve come to the right place.

“Stubborn” holds a similar rock feel, if mostly in it’s guitar work. The speed of it’s tempo lets the band sit happily in pop punk territory once more, and before you know it it’ll have you daydreaming of your high school love.

The liveliest song of the album, “Living Hell” starts out with a “Hey!” before breaking into a track that should, and probably will, become an official song of the Vans Warped Tour.

Nothing but a future fan favorite, “On My Own” takes its turn entertaining you. The pop punk/rock crossover that’s been showcased so many times throughout Resurrection stays in tact here, making it the perfect closing song. On top of the seamless genre blending, you’ll find a chant along in its duration, and you can almost hear crowds of fans singing—or, more accurately, screaming—along.

If there’s anything to be taken away from Resurrection, it’s that nothing deters New Found Glory. They’ve managed to improve with every release in a way few bands have done before. What’s to come next is sure to be just as thrilling as what’s in the rearview, and we can’t wait to see where the ride takes them.

New Found Glory


Hopeless Records
October 7, 2014



The Worst Person
Ready and Willing
One More Round
Vicious Love
Stories of a Different Kind
Living Hell
On My Own


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