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Hit: Hello Darkness

Miss: I'm No Good

To Sum It Up:

If you're interested in unbelievable talent, this record is for you.

New Years Day have put out their strongest release yet - The one you always knew they were capable of, the one you've been waiting oh so impatiently for.  Victim To Villain is, hands down, the best rock album of 2013 and I dare any band try and take that title from them.  It creates a beautiful and deadly atmosphere to live in, and one you'll soon become addicted to.  The sound is clean, well organized and balanced; and that isn't even to mention Ash Costello's vocals (that have never been better, by the way).  It's a great collection all the way through, the highlights including "Victims" and "Angel Eyes" which features Chris Motionless of metalcore kings Motionless In White.  Overall, this is what New Years Day was meant to sound like.  What's to come of the band is sure to be nothing short of amazing.

Victim To Villain
New Years Day


Century Media Records
June 11th, 2013


1.Do Your Worst
2.I'm No Good
3.Bloody Mary
5.Hello Darkness
6.Death Of The Party
7.The Arsonist
8.Angel Eyes
9.Any Last Words
11.Last Great Love Story

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