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"Take This Chance (Acoustic)"

To Sum It Up:

The world will be a better place with more music from Pilot For A Day.

Kansas’ Pilot For A Day have been making awesome sounds since 2010, and if one thing is certain it’s that they’re a band worth talking about. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you’ve lost four years of time to listen to the great jams the band are known for.

Pilot For A Day’s Better Air is at the forefront of the epic music the band create. It’s a pop rock masterpiece, with certain hints of pop punk wondrousness. Somewhere in between blending the two genres flawlessly, the collection also adds in infectious electronic elements, cool beats and dance filled tracks. Throw in a few calmer tracks, and the album flows impeccably well. Of course, we’ve known the band mastered pop rock music on Better Air for a year. What we didn’t know was how well the band could make the songs acoustically.

The slow ending of Better Air has been replaced with three brand-new acoustic versions of some the best tracks the album offers. First up is “Take This Chance”. Our personal favorite of the new songs, and possibly the old as well, it feels like taking a leap of faith. There’s so much hope and excitement packed into this song, it makes you wonder where your next adventure is going to take you - and when it’s going to show up.

After “Take This Chance” wraps up, “A Little More” comes into focus. The first thing you’ll notice about the track is the immensely great vocals. If you’re like us, you might not have realized how much power vocalist Nolan Smith packed behind his voice. With the acoustic version of “A Little More”, he’s ensured that fact is no longer up for debate.

The band trade up the slow ending of the original version, “Midwest Kings”, for an even slower ending on the deluxe version. “From Somewhere To Here” can only be described as beautiful. It’s better suited for a lullaby than a pop rock album, which is exactly what makes it so appealing. It’s a bit of a curveball, and if you think you’ve heard a more beautiful acoustic guitar part in the past three months, you’re lying to yourself.

To end this review, we only have one thing to say: The world will be a better place with more music from Pilot For A Day.

Better Air (Deluxe Edition)
Pilot For A Day


July 1st, 2014



Take This Chance

Count to Ten

Extraordinary Life (feat. Andrew Volpe)

Thanks to CL, My FMLY & All My Homies

Ticket to Somewhere

A Little More

Alleys and Side Streets

On. Set. Coast.

From Somewhere to Here

Midwest Kings

Take This Chance (Acoustic)

A Little More (Acoustic)

From Somewhere to Here (Acoustic)

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