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Top Track:

"Weight Of The World"

To Sum It Up:

The collection of a lifetime.

Multi-instrumentalist. Vocalist. Song writer. There are few things fourteen year old Ray Goren can’t do, a fact that’s evident on his latest EP, LA Sessions. Recorded with legendary producer Eddie Kramer, Goren managed to put out the collection of a lifetime.

The album starts right in with the funky, blues filled “You Gotta Learn”. This is where you’re first introduced to Goren’s ringy vocal quality. The song shows maturity far beyond his fourteen years, and the drumbeat is impeccable.

“Memories” is a nostalgic-sounding song that takes the speed down a few notches. A country quality is thrown into the mix, and by the time you reach the chorus, Goren shows off the remarkable extent of his vocal range.

“Memories” rolls into “Weight Of The World”, which is hands down the best track on the EP. With a lighter feel, and an almost folksy light pop edge, the song places you on top of the world. You’ll leave its three minutes and fifty five seconds feeling happy and ready to take on all obstacles standing in your way.

Next up is “All She Needs Is Me”. We love a cool intro, and that’s exactly what the easily memorized song provides. When it wraps up, you’ll run into the final song of the collection, “Stop Waiting”. It’s moody, and lives on the borderline on being a rock track. The song has an incredibly intimate feel, and was made to be played in the corner of an old jazz club. If that ever does happen, we will literally have to be there - no matter how many miles we have to fly.

LA Sessions provides a look at what Ray Goren can accomplish, and it turns out he can accomplish a lot. But don’t take our word for it - go grab your copy of the EP, turn up your speakers, and enjoy the old-school blues rock.

LA Sessions
Ray Goren


RJ Ray Entertainment
June 24th



You Gotta Learn
Weight Of The World
All She Needs Is Me
Stop Waiting

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