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Top Track:

"Smell of Gasoline"

To Sum It Up:

Fall into those strong arms of good old rock and roll.

Guest-writer; Alex Bear

Self-described as “country-fed punkabilly”, Texas-based Reverend Horton Heat is the creative genius of Jim Heath, a name you all need to know. His band are one that encompass all manner of genres and styles, making them the handymen of today, reworking rock and roll in their own unique blend. Back with their impressive eleventh studio album REV, Reverend Horton Heat proves they can rock harder than you can.

Without even glancing at the title, “Victory Lap” instantly transports you back to those racing games you played when you were a kid. With its winding riffs and seemingly endless spirals, this sets up the tone of the album as one of those cartoon westerns with a big chase scene, and not at all in a bad way. This band have a sense of fun, and they’re not afraid to show it. Melting into “Smell of Gasoline”, this is a fast-paced zinger that has hooks aplenty, building to crescendo that finds beauty in chaos. I dare you not to sing along. Not even thinking about pacing themselves, “Never Gonna Stop It” is so fast it could give The Ramones a run for their money. This is a song about good old rock and roll, a surefire winner that no band is complete without.

Now “Zombie Dumb” is a song you want to hear in a horror movie. A horror movie set in the country, with zombies running (or dragging themselves) away from a badass crew wielding shotguns. And check out that drumbeat - it’s one you won’t forget. Continuing the horror theme - in a way - “Spooky Boots” is a rather eerie rock ballad about looking for long-lost love. The staccato guitar solo only adds to the beauty that is this song. Speaking of staccato, “Schizoid” lives up to its name, with bursts of shouting and a twisted melody reminiscent of Dead Kennedys.

A life of travelling can be hard, but that isn’t going to get this band down for long. Keeping up the breakneck pace, “Scenery Going By” will make you want to pack up your bags and join them on the road. And what’s your most trusted companion on the road? Why, your hat, of course. So why not write a song about it? “My Hat” is a swinging ballad of with a homely feel, instantly transporting you back to the fifties, and proving that this band can weave between genres with ease. 

Back in the realms of psychobilly, “Let Me Teach You To Eat” is for all you food-lovers out there. Who knew Reverend Horton Heat were such culinary masters? Let them teach you how to have a good time and rock out to this fun and refreshing tune. And keeping light-hearted, “Mad Mad Heart” will make you want to head out onto that dancefloor. Lyrics like “I got a cheesy one-line/Trying too hard ’cause you gotta be mine” will get you laughing, and show that this band are straight-forward and honest, a rare combination.

“Longest Gonest Man” may not be grammatically correct, but it’s impossible to deny the pull of those echoing vocals. The scratchy guitars give it its kick, and the gang vocals add just a touch of charm. While this subject may not be exactly charming, no country-rock album is complete without that song about that girl who lives in your town. You know the one I’m talking about - “she runs around town with a pretty rough crew”. “Hardscrabble Woman” is this album’s two cents, and it doesn’t disappoint. Reverend Horton Heat may be a band of few words, but this is why - Heath was saving them for a special occasion.

Going out with style, “Chasing Rainbows” is a driving force that brings REV to a winding close, like all the country roads you’ll want to race along when listening to this. So put the top down, feel the wind in your hair, and fall into those strong arms of good old rock and roll.

Reverend Horton Heat


Victory Records
January 21st, 2014



Victory Lap

Smell Of Gasoline

Never Gonna Stop It

Zombie Dumb

Spooky Boots


Scenery Going By

My Hat

Let Me Teach You Hot To Eat

Mad Mad Heart

Longest Gonest Man

Hardscrabble Woman

Chasing Rainbows

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