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Such Gold are one of the hottest bands on the scene right now, and they’re about to get even bigger. Their sophomore album, The New Sidewalk, is a whole new direction for the band, diving deeper into hardcore, and exploring their musical creativity as a band. Add their tireless work ethic, sheer talent, and the fact that the new album was produced by Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Propagandhi), is it any wonder that they’re destined for the big leagues... (More)

Major League have a fitting name—they’re in one major league of their own. For such a fledgling band to possess such focus and drive in a world of distractions is a rare and admirable feat, and will catapult them into the stratosphere. They’ve been hard at work touring in support of their debut album Hard Feelings, but found time to hit the studio without fear, producing an incredibly affecting and energetic follow up. So plug in, and get ready to go places you’ve never been with There’s Nothing Wrong With Me... (More)

In the world of music, a long lived band almost always results in worn out revisions of the same tracks, lackluster tours and burned out musicians. And then, you have New Found Glory. A warning must be issued to the latest generation of pop punk… Your parents have returned.

An album that is only acceptable at your stereo’s loudest volume, it kicks off with “Selfless”. Listen as it fades with with some feedback and fuzz, just to build your anticipation that much more... (More)

It’s safe to say we’re entering a new generation of rock music. As our favorite bands from the previous decades slow down, rearrange or implode entirely, it’d be easy to get lost in despair—but we have a better option. A fresh class of hard rocking musicians are closing in, ready to share the sounds they bring to the table. Sitting justly at the front of this troop is Thousand Foot Krutch. It’s possible we haven’t seen a band with this much promise since Three Days Grace hit us with One-X, and the comparison is proven by their latest effort, Oxygen: Inhale... (More)

Get out of the way, rockstars coming through. Philly rock duo John & Brittany are here to tell you tales that will make your ears bleed and your toes curl. Their gritty new EP is called Stories To Be Told because each song is like a short story in itself—at the heart of this dynamic are two storytellers who are too imaginative for the simple written word to contain them... (More)

With six years and a Kickstarter campaign lingering between album releases, Still Remains had a lot to live up to with their latest effort Ceasing To Breathe. Returning from the grips of between-album hiatuses is a task that’s typically associated with falling short of expectations. But in this case, the exact opposite could be said. With the best production you’ll hear all year, massive breakdowns, the perfect touch of electronics and clean vocals to praise — no, worship — prepare yourself to dive into a world of post hardcore excellence... (More)
Philly post-punks The Sixties have got their name right—their debut album, There It Isn’t sounds like our time machine has finally worked, and we’ve jumped back in time to the glory days of rock and roll. With the sounds of a cassette tape, “Remote Control” kicks off the album to a bass-led start... (More)
With a blues rock outlook on music and enough creativity to fuel six albums, The Silverwings have sprung into action on their latest release, Lignum Vitae. The New York music scene the band calls home is more than thriving, and alive in all senses of the word. You might ask yourself, then, what is this band doing differently? How could they possibly stand out in a crowd filled with twenty-something musicians dying to make a life out of their music career? There is no one answer or method, there is simply the fact that they do... (More)

If you’re looking for a hardcore record to accompany the final days of your summer, To The Wind have just what you need. The Pure Noise Records signees hail from Seattle, and the five piece band make their legendary hometown proud with an album that’s nothing but great material from front to back.

Get introduced to Block Out The Sun & Sleep with “Vacant Home”... (More)

The relief that washes over you when Remember When kicks in is something beyond description. Without even realizing it, you’ve been waiting for something, becoming more and more angst filled by the second. And now, here it is. From the very first seconds, you’re transported back into the beautiful world filled with fireflies and wonder that Allison Weiss creates every time she puts a pen to paper... (More)

Prepare yourself for your new favorite band. No, really. It’s rare to find a sound so refined at such a fledgling stage, but Portsmouth, UK’s Midday Committee have found their niche. While at times their vocals may seem rough, and their melodies simple, don’t let this fool you - they know exactly what they’re doing. With their third and latest EP, Girls In Open C, the pop punk four piece are set to steal some hearts with their fresh, summery hooks... (More)

Do you ever wish punk would return to the glory days? Luxembourg’s Versus You are one band that agree, and they’re doing just that with their new album, Moving On. One of Europe’s most renowned punk bands of today, they keep elements of their roots while adding in fresher influences that are meant to be heard on radio stations worldwide. So grab your leather jacket, pull out those air guitars, and get ready to rock out.

In true punk fashion, “When It All Goes Down” opens the album with an anthem for friendships... (More)

Modern pop punk is spreading like a virus, and in a genre as populated as this one it’s no easy task to stand out. Of course, there are some that tackle that task like it’s nothing — case in point, Handguns. With their latest full length, Life Lessons, the five piece have managed to create ten tracks that portray exactly what modern pop punk is about, and they do it in a way that’s right. So. Damn. Right... (More)
Multi-instrumentalist. Vocalist. Song writer. There are few things fourteen year old Ray Goren can’t do, a fact that’s evident on his latest EP, LA Sessions. Recorded with legendary producer Eddie Kramer, Goren managed to put out the collection of a lifetime... (More)
Kansas’ Pilot For A Day have been making awesome sounds since 2010, and if one thing is certain it’s that they’re a band worth talking about. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you’ve lost four years of time to listen to the great jams the band are known for... (More)
The Futures League will cause your definition of rock ’n’ roll to implode. The four piece come from Southern California, and display a remarkable amount of innovation for a two year old band. That boundless creativity is especially notable on the band's latest EP, Don’t Be A Drag... (More)

Nick Santino’s first solo full length, Big Skies, is an album you’ll be talking about for years. It’s one of those releases that buries itself under your skin and becomes a part of who you are. With 8123 and producer Pat Kirch of The Maine by his side, he managed to create something more than an album. Big Skies is a friend, a memory and a journey you love to take... (More)

The Ready Set’s lengthy wait between album releases is finally over. With the brilliant I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming four years in the rearview and fan anticipation for another full length reaching back over two years, a lot was riding on The Bad & The Better. Luckily for us the man behind the moniker, Jordan Witzigreuter, rose to the occasion and turned over an album that beats every expectation ever put on it... (More)

It’s been awhile since we've heard from Framing Hanley. While their debut full length The Moment was very well received and included the famed cover of “Lollipop” originally by Lil Wayne, and its follow up included even more kickass rock songs, the band have been relatively quiet for the past four years. That, my friends, is about to change. While the Tennessee natives might have completely scrapped one album, their “do-over” is in the process of making its way to a hall of fame status in the rock music community... (More)

It’s safe to say we’ve all dreamed of that one really great road trip, one that would take us far away and open our eyes. For us mere dreamers, renowned photographer Ryan Russell is bringing that road trip a little closer to us - through his lens...(More)

One of D.C.’s brightest acts, Typefighter, have a reputation for crafting unparalleled music by drawing inspiration from the legends of the 90’s. On The End Of Everything, the band continues to go where pop music generally does not go anymore.

The eleven track album kicks off with “Nancy Sinatra”, which is like a folk song that’s hopped up on far too much caffeine...(More)

Dorydrive’s Here’s To You is impressive, to say the least. The band are known for melting the best of pop, rock and alternative together, but never have they done it as well as this.

From the opening notes of track one, “Radiate”, you’re introduced to the insane talent that comes from vocalist Matheiu Nevitt...(More)

Stop Dead is the side project of This Century drummer Ryan Gose. A man well versed in the world of pop-rock, Stop Dead serves as an outlet for the more blues/rock-n-roll side of his personality.

From the opening notes of “We Own The Night”, Stop Dead’s Dirt & Dust will reshape your idea of what great music really is... (More)

Self-described as “country-fed punkabilly”, Texas-based Reverend Horton Heat is the creative genius of Jim Heath, a name you all need to know. His band are one that encompass all manner of genres and styles, making them the handymen of today, reworking rock and roll in their own unique blend... (More)

Manhattan Coast are a band to watch. Since forming in 2011, the band have rapidly gained a name in the UK with their incredibly catchy hooks and singalong lyrics... (More)

Tigers Of Junction Street would make excellent tour mates for Set It Off, a fact that's evident from the first song of their self-titled debut... (More)

Fairy Bones bring something to the table that hasn't been heard. Ever. In the course of four songs, the band touch on a record breaking number of genres... (More)

We're firm believers that music was perfected in the 90's, specifically alternative rock. We're also firm believers that Friends Of Foes could have easily fit in with the greats of the decade... (More)

It's been awhile since Still Remains has released an album - Six years, to be exact. Now, with the promise of a new full length Ceasing To Breathe hanging overhead... (More)

Line In The Sand by Close Your Eyes is an explosion of great progressive hardcore material. You can hear a lot of experimentation on the album... (More)

Neo Geo's second full length is about to revamp your idea of pop rock. Let it be known that I've always liked Neo Geo, but I didn't expect Digital DNA to be this good. From the first seconds of...(More)

Dance Hall Pimps have created something truly admirable with 'The Dead Don't Walk'. Interesting, fun and fresh, dull moments are non-existent on the ten song collection...(More)

It's A Funeral, Not A Fashion Statement come off as a kind of warning, a more mellow start to ease you into what's to be a fantastically heavy album...(More)

As of 2012, no one could have predicted what was to come of Tonight Alive. It was clear they had a lot of potential, but The Other Side has surpassed that potential on astronomical levels...(More)

Witherscape's The Inheritance is a balanced combination of rock and metal that definitely brings to mind Avenged Sevenfold...(More)

The latest effort from iwrestledabearonce leaves you feeling a bit disoriented at times. It flows in and out of genres so frequently and cohesively...(More)

I've been excited about Come Down Denver's Don't Sweat It since I first heard of the band. Unfortunately, anticipating a release usually ends in disappointment. I'm glad to say that wasn't the case with Don't Sweat It...(More)

Absent Light starts out with a breath taking acoustic moment that really sets you up for the feel of the album...(More)

2013's most anticipated post-hardcore release is worth every ounce of hype it gets. With The Blackest Beautiful, letlive. took post hardcore and let their imaginations run wild...(More)

It won't take long for Girl On Fire to gain a lot of recognition in the music industry with Not Broken, and they deserve it...(More)

I don't think unique is the word to describe A Lot Like Villain's self titled EP.  I can guarantee you've never heard anything like it before. Sounding ska at times...(More)

Mixtapes' Ordinary Silence has a terrible album title.  Ordinary is the last word I'd use to describe their exceptional blend of indie and pop punk, and it certainly isn't silent...(More)

The Agonist's Prisoners is fast, heavy and absolutely awesome.  In a genre where most vocalists are male, Alissa White-Gluz proves that she can do everything a guy can - only better...(More)

Electro-pop is nothing if not an overdone genre, and every day the boundaries of what can be included are being stretched even further.  Keyless, though, is truly electro-pop...(More)

New Years Day have put out their strongest release yet - The one you always knew they were capable of, the one you've been waiting oh so impatiently for...(More)

Everywhere you turn you can find a band asking you to give their music a try.  While a lot of these aren't worth the effort to get your headphones, we'd like to show you one that is...(More)

The Welch Boys have brought all of your favorite aspects of punk to Bring Back The Fight, and then they...(More)

I could spend the entirety of this review going on about how flawless John O'Callaghan's vocals are, how each song was written perfectly (lyrics from Forever Halloween will be haunting your Tumblr dashboard for years)...(More)

I've listened to a few different versions of Come Hell Or High Water's Burn It Down and I still can't get enough. The band have created something special with this EP...(More)

The Bunny The Bear's Stories is epic. I've fallen head over heels for this album...(More)

Without a doubt, Snow White's Poison Bite's Featuring: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show is a production. It leaves... (More)

If you've been looking for a good new punk record, look no further than A Criminal Risk's The Art Of Dropping Names. The band has..(More)

At Sea's sound is like a time machine. As soon as you hit play you're instantly transported to the late 90's...(More)

Scarlet Chase's new single "Burn" is full of power, revenge and fierceness. The attitude... (More)

Shoutout to Allison Weiss for making the best indie record of the decade - Say What You Mean couldn't be any better. I can't stop hitting replay. Weiss has... (More)

In a world with so many variations of "punk rock", it's nice to know there are some bands out there that actually make it. There's no doubt... (More)

If you were to smash together Sum 41 and The Ghost Inside, the result would be Tear Out The Heart's Violence... (Click To Read More)

Sleeping On Trash is that puzzle piece that's been missing for ages - and just as its absence just about drives your insane, it finally lets itself be found - Except Sleeping On Trash is infinitely cooler than a puzzle piece... (Click To Read More)

There are a lot of great new rock bands in the world right now. Then there's Her Bright Skies.

If I'm being honest, I went into this album a little weary. For every great new rock band, there's one that's nearly intolerable to listen to. However, from the second "Working Class Punx" started, Her Bright Skies blew away almost everything else I've listened to all year ...(Click To Read More)





Lorelei Carlson is on her way to becoming a sensation across the dream-pop/electronic genres, and her EP 20mg was a GREAT first step... (Click To Read More)

Hoobastank has been around for nearly two decades, one of them spent with Island Records, and just when you thought there was no way they could get any better, that's exactly what they do.

The band has departed with their old record label, but that certainly didn't stop them from delivering one of the best rock albums of the decade... (Click To Read More)

I've never had such a love hate relationship with an album as I do with Adventures self titled EP. Within the first 30 seconds, I was ready to turn it off and pretend it never happened. By the end of the second track though, I was starting to actually enjoy it. Something about it is so interesting, you can't pull yourself away... (Click To Read More)


The second I pushed play on Lowtalker's The Marathon, I knew I was in for an album I'd never forget.

Everything about The Marathon is quite literally perfect punk/rock... (Click To Read More)

Borders and Fences, to be released on August 7th from pop/punk band Namesake, is full of up-beat songs that could get anyone on their feet at a show. However, if the songs had been spread across a few albums, accompanying some more powerful music, they would have been appreciated more. Songs like “In Your Hands” and their single “Worlds Away” keep the album afloat and make it easier to realize the full potential of the band. Vocalist Will Crafton has a wide range in his voice, and that’s something that he uses to his full advantage. The guitar and drum beat is addictive in “Right Beside You”. The main issue I had with “Borders and Fences” is that too many songs felt like fillers. I really believe that if they would have left their comfort zone a bit while in the writing process, this album would have been one of my top picks of the year.  Whether or not “Borders and Fences” was a hit for you, you can't deny Namesake has a big career in front of them, and as they progress in their music their names will undoubtedly go down in the punk history books.

Check Out Our Interview With Namesake's Will Crafton Here!

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