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Hit: "You Army"

Miss: "Goodbye"

To Sum It Up:

Compelling, impressive and strong.

The first few seconds of It's A Funeral, Not A Fashion Statement come off as a kind of warning, a more mellow start to ease you into what's to be a fantastically heavy album. The biggest complaint I have about the collection is that it kicks off with “Goodbye”, easily the albums least impressive track – But the second track “You Army” quickly makes up for the shortcomings (it's hands down the best song on the album). After “You Army”, the rest of the tracklist makes a considerable effort to maintain a compelling sound – and succeeds. Each track is better than the last, and “Save Us Now (The End)” is nearly as good as “You Army”. It's A Funeral, Not A Fashion Statement is the best debut album I've heard in awhile, and the Skeleton Kid should be proud. Not all bands can start out this strong.

It's A Funeral, Not A Fashion Statement
Skeleton Kid


September 22rd, 2013


1. Goodbye
2. You Army
3. Going Nowhere Fast
4. Memories
5. We Stand Tall
6. Bones Beyond
7. Miles From Home
8. Save Us Now (The End)
9. Tear It Down

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