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Positively alive.

Stop Dead is the side project of This Century drummer Ryan Gose. A man well versed in the world of pop-rock, Stop Dead serves as an outlet for the more blues/rock-n-roll side of his personality.

From the opening notes of “We Own The Night”, Stop Dead’s Dirt & Dust will reshape your idea of what great music really is. This is the song that gets things rolling, and slips you into a mood you didn’t know existed. Throw a few “woah-oh”’s into the chorus, and you’re as good as hooked.

Next up, we find “Supernova”. A quick Google search finds that the description of a supernova is a “stellar explosion”, which is about the only way to describe the song. One of the catchiest choruses on the EP, this song was made to blast through the speakers of your car.

“Light My Fire” runs a bit more upbeat than the previous two songs, and is a good gateway into the album’s final track “Dirt & Dust”. The first thing to notice is that Gose’s vocals have never sounded better. The song easily keeps up with the mood and quality of the rest of the collection, and leaves you begging for more.

The four song collection is positively alive, and is the only one of its kind. If one thing is for sure, Stop Dead will completely steal your heart and leave you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next release.

Dirt & Dust
Stop Dead


Self Released
March 11th, 2014



We Own The Night


Light My Fire

Dirt & Dust

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