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Top Track
“Don’t Park Next To Me”

To Sum It Up
Their determined melodies will echo long after the record is over.

Written By Alex Bear

Such Gold are one of the hottest bands on the scene right now, and they’re about to get even bigger. Their sophomore album, The New Sidewalk, is a whole new direction for the band, diving deeper into hardcore, and exploring their musical creativity as a band. Add their tireless work ethic, sheer talent, and the fact that the new album was produced by Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Propagandhi), is it any wonder that they’re destined for the big leagues?

“Engulfed In Flames” starts off noisy, messy, and a complete headbang fest. They aren’t wasting any time—just make sure you save at least some breath for the next track, “Faced”. The fiery solo is the highlight here, unfolding into driving riffs and shouty choruses. “Axed Away” keeps up the pace, but it’s the incredible drum patterns from Matt Covey that will keep your heart racing at full speed. If there’s one thing this band are experts at, it’s producing brutally breakneck anthems with unabashed honesty, and you can hear that in the open letter that is “Food Court Blues”. “Are we human? Or are we clones?” is about as deep as you can get, but rest assured, Such Gold are anything but clones of the genre. 

With a much more sorrowful tone, “No Cab Fare” will wind its way into your heart, before exploding into an angst-filled banger. Things get even darker in “I Know What I Saw”, which describes a relationship gone bad, the guitars heavy with reverb and emotion. “Nauseating” brings out a more punk style, with energetic riffs layered over much heavier ones. But most interestingly, it’s right in the last 20 or so seconds when the song takes a completely different turn—a spectacular ending to a kickass song. Speaking of kickass songs, have you ever experienced that annoying moment when you’re in an empty parking lot, and a car decides to park right next to you? Well, “Don’t Park Next To Me” is what you need to blast out on your car stereo next time that happens. Although hopefully you don’t have a skeleton in your trunk… or one in your front seat either. But even if the lyrics aren’t as literal as we’re making them sound, it’s still the greatest angry driving song we’ve ever heard.

Next up is a song about hating your hometown—no album is complete without one. “Morrison” lands somewhere between Billy Talent and A, which is nothing to be mad about, and it’s topped off with a solo so fierce it’ll drive you into a moshing frenzy. “When It Gives” shows off Ben Kotin’s unmistakeable vocal style—just try and stop yourself from singing along. Parting ways is the theme in “Frying In The Mix”, as the album starts to wind down—only in time though. The beat is just as relentless, and with title track closing the album, it proves that Such Gold are a band that cannot be stopped; their determined melodies will echo long after the record is over.

The New Sidewalk
Such Gold


November 10th, 2014
Razor & Tie



Engulfed In Flames
Axed Away
Food Court Blues
No Cab Fare
I Know What I Saw
Don’t Park Next To Me
When It Gives
Frying In The Mix
The New Sidewalk

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