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"I Seen Jesus"

To Sum It Up

Good vibes.

The Futures League will cause your definition of rock ’n’ roll to implode. The four piece come from Southern California, and display a remarkable amount of innovation for a two year old band. That boundless creativity is especially notable on the band's latest EP, Don’t Be A Drag.

Things kick off with “Give My Lovin' A Try”. The track sounds like it time travelled here straight from a day at the beach in 1950. Echos on the vocals give the song another cool feature, not that it needed it. The track’s old style sound gives it enough charisma to last a lifetime.

“Women, Trials & Tribulations” is interesting, to say the least. This is a song you won’t forget anytime soon. From there, the album winds into “I Seen Jesus”. The beat behind this track is insanely wonderful, and the electronic edge and spacey vocals give it one of the best vibes you’ll hear all year. It’s indie rock at it’s finest.

After “I Seen Jesus”, you’ll run into “Too Many Lies”. It’s reminiscent of Ok Go, and the gang vocals in the chorus are down right fantastic. There are too many nice touches on this track to highlight each one, so we’ll leave it with the word “bravo!”

The fifth and final track, “I Wanna Go”, leaves things in good spirits. The beginning few seconds are some of the best moments of the album, and you’ll instantly be dancing along. A fun song is brimming with life, and it’s easy to see where the band will go from here: More impeccable rock, mixed with a flawless indie sound.

Don't Be A Drag
The Futures League


Wet Brain Records
June 10th, 2014



Give My Lovin' A Try

Women, Trials & Tribulations

I Seen Jesus

Too Many Lies

I Wanna Go


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