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"Born Again Reaper"

To Sum It Up:

Take a trip through time.

With a blues rock outlook on music and enough creativity to fuel six albums, The Silverwings have sprung into action on their latest release, Lignum Vitae. The New York music scene the band calls home is more than thriving, and alive in all senses of the word. You might ask yourself, then, what is this band doing differently? How could they possibly stand out in a crowd filled with twenty-something musicians dying to make a life out of their music career? There is no one answer or method, there is simply the fact that they do.

The seven song collection welcomes you with the gritty “Earthbound”. Vocalist Jeff Starace sounds like your favorite classic rock singer, and provides the perfect accompaniment to the song’s epic, winding guitar solo and blues infused drum beat.

“The Prime” has a mischievous vibe, and sounds like something you might have heard five or six decades ago. This is the one that’s have you singing - and, more so, dancing - along. Just as the line “instinct beats through my veins” proclaims, this song will beat through yours.

You’ll miss “The Prime” the second it fades out, but the acoustic intro of “Quest For Nothing” will be there to help you move on. A folk vibe infiltrates the song, and sets the stage for a train ride sometime in the mid-40s. Mellow and easy-going, you won’t grow tired of it even after the tenth straight listen - you can take our word for that.

Travel back to 1980 with “The Lotus”. The guitar and bass work on the song are center stage, which is exactly where they deserve to be. From there, you’re taken into “Soul Wyvern”, which can only be described as spooky. With a haunted house flair in every instrument, including the vocal delivery, it’s reminiscent of Dance Hall Pimps — which is such a good thing.

You’ll find the alt rock influenced “Living Sleep” in a state of rainy day mellowness. Something that could have easily been yanked from any album released by the rock-n-rollers of the 90s, it’s nearly six minutes of absolute greatness.

“Born Again Reaper” starts out with a blend of 70’s and 90’s rock, but don’t worry, plenty of their blues rock comfort zone makes the cut. Guitar solos galore, insane vocal tricks, a rad drumbeat and powerful bass have become the status quo over the past six songs, but this one shows these qualities at the best of their ability.

“Lignum Vitae” is Latin for Tree Of Life, and a more appropriate name couldn’t have been found for the album. Each song has become a branch, with leaves displaying the best qualities of a phase in music’s history — whether or not they meant for it to. It’s a beautiful thing, really, when music can send you to this many places in time, all the while staying entirely cohesive. We don’t know how you did it, boys, but man, are we proud of you. Do this again sometime soon, please?

Lignum Vitae
The Silverwings


August 10th, 2014




The Prime

Quest for Nothing

The Lotus

Soul Wyvern

Living Sleep

Born Again Reaper

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