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Hit: Hand Grenade/I Feel Like Drinkin'

Miss: Welcome To The U.S.A.

To Sum It Up:

Quality punk.

The Welch Boys have brought all of your favorite aspects of punk to Bring Back The Fight, and then they included the perfect amount of hardcore to make this a pretty solid release.  Between the almost 80's sounding guitar solos (which can be found on "Belly Of The Beast"), speed punk (Hit It and Quit It is virtually perfect) and Ed Lalli's voice - which is basically the definition of real punk music - this album will appeal to punk fans of all ages, cause some ferocious mosh pits and over the years will become one of the most beloved items in your music collection.

Bring Back The Fight
The Welch Boys


Sailor's Grave
June 11th, 2013


Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Bring Back The Fight
3. Flesheater
4. Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone
5. Hand Grenade
6. Belly Of The Beast
7. Hit It And Quit It
8. Can't Let Go
9. Whiskey And Beer
10. Your Worst Nightmare
11. Writing On The Wall
12. I Feel Like Drinkin'
13. Welcome To The U.S.A.
14. Sudden Death
15. Someone's Gonna Die
16. Outtro

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