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"Carpe Diem"

To Sum It Up:
A band to watch.

Guest writer; Alex Bear

Manhattan Coast are a band to watch. Since forming in 2011, the band have rapidly gained a name in the UK with their incredibly catchy hooks and singalong lyrics. And they’ve got their sights set on bigger things to come, having already shared the stage with the likes of Kids In Glass Houses and Blitz Kids. This One’s For You is the third EP for the South Wales pop-punkers, who will be hitting the UK and Europe this February. 

The EP gets off to a cracking start, with the in-your-face riffs of “War On The Weekend” certain to get anyone nodding their head in appreciation. The irresistible hook “we won’t be leaving ’til I’ve got the green light” is an accurate one; the song has got its claws in. 

And the onslaught doesn’t stop there, with “Monsoon Season In Machine City” bringing together strung-out melodies and soaring vocals that are reminiscent of early 30 Seconds To Mars. The breakdown in the final seconds demonstrates their aggression perfectly and brings the song to an explosive halt.

“This One’s For You” provides a slight respite, taking a more cynical turn. There’s mocking here, a punchy rock song about the celebrity-obsessed culture of today. “Follow the crowd if you still want your fifteen minutes” vocalist Nick Lane spits out, with a few “woahs” added in for effect. The bridge comes as a surprise, reminding us that this band like to keep to the heavier side of the spectrum.

In “Dreams Are For The Dreamers”, there are gang vocals - and more gang vocals. Who doesn’t love them? They’re a staple for any good rock song, this being of no exception. Geraint Rees’ guitars harmonize beautifully, smattering the heavy riffs with an almost eerie melody that won’t be forgotten easily.

But Manhattan Coast aren’t done yet; they’ve saved the best until last, in the form of “Carpe Diem”. You can hear the raw emotion poured into this breakup tune, with the added piano and echoing gang vocals setting this song apart. There is nothing about this song that isn’t catchy, and their reference to “This One’s For You” bringing the EP to a close just shows the tight-knit structure of this band, and that their music has something for everyone.

This One's For You
Manhattan Coast


February 17th, 2014



War On The Weekend

Monsoon Season In Machine City

This One's For You

Dreams Are For The Dreamers

Carpe Diem

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