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"Set Me On Fire"

To Sum It Up:

Are you ready for a new generation of rock music?

It’s safe to say we’re entering a new generation of rock music. As our favorite bands from the previous decades slow down, rearrange or implode entirely, it’d be easy to get lost in despair—but we have a better option. A fresh class of hard rocking musicians are closing in, ready to share the sounds they bring to the table. Sitting justly at the front of this troop is Thousand Foot Krutch. It’s possible we haven’t seen a band with this much promise since Three Days Grace hit us with One-X, and the comparison is proven by their latest effort, Oxygen: Inhale.

Right from the start, “Like A Machine" introduces you to what Thousand Foot Krutch is known for: an impressive amount of emotion that, in turn, triggers your own. Alluring guitars, a crunching, headbobbing rhythm and a great intro take turns making up the just-aggressive-enough track, before being followed by "Untraveled Road". The song comes in with a modern rap edge to accomplish getting you unquestionably pumped. When drawing comparisons, think a more aggressive version of Linkin Park, with a fantastically melodious chorus.

Break out your hair band wigs and most flamboyant wardrobe for the 80s-saturated "Born This Way". A more stomping sound infiltrates its chorus, and a fast vocal delivery finds its way in at times, but the radio single manages to keep its classic rock influence in focus through and through.

The lighter, softer, "Set Me On Fire" is a gorgeous and stirring story. If there were ever a song to form an epic movie in your head, this would be it. An emotional attachment is forged with the track from the first listen thanks to an impressive amount of imagery.

"Give It To Me" is raw, menacing rock that feels closer than it appears, transforming any day of the week into Friday night. You’ll find yourself moshing and headbanging your heart out as the belting vocals become their own religion.

The sly “I See Red” tones things down with a mysterious guitar and emphasis on Trevor McNevan incredible vocals. It’s followed closely by “Light Up”, another slow track with an acoustic embrace.  If you’ve ever heard a better falsetto than the one showcased here, you have our praise. While listening, you can almost see the song being written late at night as the product of a relentlessly running mind.

The early 2000s radio rock ballad “In My Room” is erupting with an alternative edge. It holds a slower pace, but strays from being as calm as its predecessor, while lyrically telling a mighty tale. From there, you’re introduced to “Oxygen”. Sharing that same mellow edge, it also infuses it with an undeniable tensity. The sweeter track is overwhelmed with thrill, and the emotion that screams through is almost palpable.

Things wrap up with “Glow”, a song that lives a life all rock songs aspire to. The guitar intro is reminiscent of early Shinedown, and leads into moody, 90s-flavored rock. A bit of a country edge find a place in its ranks, in the fashion of some of the world’s greatest rock songs.

There’s no genre that holds as much emotion as rock music does, a fact that’s continuously proven by both its frontrunners and up and coming acts. What must a band do, then, to stand out in this league? We’re not sure there’s a formative element, or a certain set of rules. However, we do have a suggestion: just do what Thousand Foot Krutch does.

Oxygen: Inhale
Thousand Foot Krutch


TFK Music
August 26th, 2014



Like a Machine

Untraveled Road

Born This Way

Set Me On Fire

Give It To Me

I See Red

Light Up

In My Room




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