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A very well made melodic rock EP.

Tigers Of Junction Street would make excellent tour mates for Set It Off, a fact that's evident from the first song of their self-titled debut. The track is also a good kick-off to what's to be a very well made melodic rock EP. There aren't any disappointments; the collection is extremely cohesive, the tracklist couldn't have been arranged better and every song is just as clean, original and thought out as the last. That being said, the real gem of the EP is the “Interlude”. It's an absolutely exceptional song, one that steals your attention. We'd be very interested to see something built off it in the future. Tigers Of Junction Street really have something to be proud of, and a bright future ahead of them. Anyone who can make music this great literally has no where to go but up.

Tigers Of Junction Street
Tigers Of Junction Street


February 24th, 2014




The Deception

Cold Winter


Closed Doors On Distant Shores

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