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"One And The Same"

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If you’re looking for a hardcore record to accompany the final days of your summer, To The Wind have just what you need. The Pure Noise Records signees hail from Seattle, and the five piece band make their legendary hometown proud with an album that’s nothing but great material from front to back.

Get introduced to Block Out The Sun & Sleep with “Vacant Home”. The track is well placed, and showcases the traits you’ll come to know the collection for: a concoction of alternative rock edge and heavy vocals.

The next track, “Trapped”, has an interesting vibe that’s almost indescribable. It’s a heavy song that’s worthy of your headbanging, but is surprisingly light at the same time. Following song “Hands Of The Clock” boasts a fuzzy intro, and is slow enough to feel like a rainy day. It’s the heaviest offering this far into the collection, and turns into the even heavier “21”.

“Alone In Life” returns full force to the alt-rock felt at the beginning of the collection, due largely to guitarists Ryan Murphy and Matt Farage, meanwhile the throaty howl coming from vocalist Tanner Murphy puts the lyrical content of the song on a pedestal.

Title track “Block Out The Sun & Sleep” is probably what should play as the skies darken before a storm. The tastes of influence from 90’s rock gods like Bush scattered across the track catapult the song into mind altering territory. It’s truly stunning.

Lyrically reminiscent of a poem, “Skin Deep”, manages to combine pop punk, alternative, hard rock and hardcore into one song in a remarkable manner before “Iron & Rain” brings in yet another storm. “Through My Eyes” is definitively post hardcore, and the fierce guitar work should come with a warning against whiplash.

“One And The Same” is, quite honestly, epic. It’s a really important, emotionally affecting song that will stick with your subconscious for years to come. Block Out The Sun & Sleep comes to a close with “Growing Numb”, a fact that remains the only disappointment of the album. The song, in and of itself, is good and gets more so with every second it consumes, but with the amount of pure excellence contained on this one album, a stronger closing track could have brought it up one more level.

To The Wind have proven their innovation on Block Out The Sun & Sleep. The eleven song collection is strong, vibrant and fresh. If the band are to follow the direction this genre-bending album points to, they’ll be on the right course to a musical revolution. Hell, the band could even end up going down in history as the creators of a new style of songs, one that sits happily between alt-rock and hardcore, with pop punk looming overhead for good measure.

Block Out The Sun & Sleep
To The Wind


Pure Noise Records
July 22nd, 2014



Vacant Home
Hands Of The Clock
Alone In Life
Block Out The Sun & Sleep
Skin Deep
Iron Rain
Through My Eyes
One And The Same
Growing Numb

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