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Top Track:

"How To Lie and Get Away With It"

To Sum It Up:

Go Where Music Doesn't Go Anymore

One of D.C.’s brightest acts, Typefighter, have a reputation for crafting unparalleled music by drawing inspiration from the legends of the 90’s. On The End Of Everything, the band continues to go where pop music generally does not go anymore.

The eleven track album kicks off with “Nancy Sinatra”, which is like a folk song that’s hopped up on far too much caffeine. The track is short and sweet, and makes for a very good opener.

Next up is “You When You’re Older”, an absolutely funky song with an impeccable beat. If you’re about to make a new start in your life or go on a journey of epic proportions, this is the song to take with you.

The next time you hit the beach, make sure “1991” is on the playlist. It gets a bit of moody start, but quickly launches into a sunny track that could warm up Antarctica if given the chance. Following after “1991” is “Much”, where pop punk aspects are plentiful. Somewhere in its two minutes and forty-seven seconds you’ll hear vocalist Ryan McLaughlin proclaim, “Well this is how it’s done,” which is the best way to describe the track. Typefighter knows how this kind of music is done, and they bring that knowledge to the song a hundredfold.

Guitarist Thomas Ogren gives “Split Intent” a good start right before it breaks into an epic pop beat. Chant along to “Say god damn it”, where the song almost slips into punk-core territory. The next track “Bad Cop” picks up where “Split Intent” left off and comes across as a song a Boston punk band would be happy to have in their discography.

Listen to title track “The End Of Everything”, and you might mistake yourself for falling right into a dream. Indulge in moony vocals and a sophisticated-yet-simple melody. Both lyrically and sonically it’s one of the best tracks on the album.

“I Like The Way You Are” wastes no time. It kicks right off with the frontman’s distinctive vocals, an acoustic guitar and a well-spun story to boast. “Happy” keeps up with the rest of the album before it slips into the spacey “Sides”. This song holds the best intro on the album, and for every ounce of reverie there’s a hard edge to match.

The final track wraps everything up in a nice little package. “Dock The Boats” sees the band “docking” their instruments and revolutionary ideas until next time. Mellow and sleepy, the song slowly winds down to “the end of everything”.

But wait - Just when you thought they were done, Typefighter included a B Side. A B-Side! Prolong that feeling of desperation, vainly wishing they’d release another album in the coming weeks with these two extra tracks. “Good Cop” and “How To Lie Without Getting Caught” hint at the future of the band. They follow the suit of the album but with a bit more kick, leaving the feeling that you’re glimpsing at what’s in the band’s arsenal for next time.

The End of Everything


Huge Witch Records
April 22nd, 2014



Nancy Sinatra

You When You’re Older



Split Intent

Bad Cop

The End Of Everything

I Like The Way You Are



Dock The Boats


Good Cop 

How To Lie and Get Away With It 

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